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Five benefits of bi-fold doors

Bi folds 3

First coming to widespread attention thanks to Grand Designs and home improvement TV shows, bi-fold doors are continuing to grow in popularity.

Here, we give you five reasons why you should consider bi-fold doors for your home.

1. Bringing in the outdoors

Remember the days when our gardens were typically cut off from the home and only accessible via a stiff-handled backdoor and a gloomy pathway running alongside the side of the kitchen?

These days, we like to blend indoor and outdoor spaces, and the fact that bi-fold doors can be opened to their generous, full width means they are perfect for doing just that. They allow for a seamless transition between the outdoors and inside and are ideal for barbeques and al fresco dining when you need to go back-and-forth to the kitchen.

Bi-fold doors also provide fantastic views of the garden, offering a cinema-like vista of your outdoor space throughout the year

2. Flooding rooms with light

Natural light is incredibly good for us, boosting vitamin D levels and our moods − the more you can get of it, the better. Lots of natural light also opens up interior spaces, making them bright and airy.

Bi-fold doors completely flood any room with light at any time of the year, giving everything a real lift, and even illuminating those dim nooks and crannies. The beauty of aluminium bi-fold doors in particular is that they tend to have very slim frames, minimising potential shadow.

3. So flexible!

A benefit of bi-fold doors is that they can be configured in so many different ways, meaning you can go all the way by having the whole thing open, or just have one doorway open or unlocked at a time. So, it’s easy if you just want to let the dog or cat out, or create another entrance to the home.

Bi-fold doors have cleverly-engineered running mechanisms that require the minimum effort to slide and fold open seamlessly, making them a great option for people or families with limited mobility. Child-safe features also help prevent little fingers getting trapped!

4. Great for keeping an eye on the kids

Kids love playing in the garden in all weathers, but it’s no fun shivering outside or standing at the kitchen sink window just to keep any eye on them.

Bi-fold doors allow you to enjoy the luxury of sitting with a cuppa and a newspaper indoors while the kids are fully in view while mucking around outside. And knowing you have them within sight at all times might mean they’ll get up to less mischief.

5. They look amazing

Last but not least, bi-fold doors just look absolutely blimmin’ fantastic, don’t they? They add an instant sense of style and glamour whether viewed from the inside or outside. Having sleek bi-fold doors can completely transform a space, and immediately lend a chic and contemporary – not to mention, light and airy – feel to your home.

We always look to give homeowners more home to begin with, and bi-fold doors that come as standard are one of the features that have always helped us to stand out from the crowd. All our houses benefit from the great look, floods of light, flexibility and ease-of-use that bi-folding doors bring, giving them an extra dimension.