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Eight Foods Kids Love That Are Just Plain WRONG

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Kids love eating, that’s for sure, but they are very specific about what they eat.

Some don’t even go for typical kid-food; they don’t like CHIPS (who doesn’t like chips?!) and give them a chicken nugget and they’ll hurl it at you. Whereas some of them just adore the stereotypical kids’ classics of baked beans and sausages.

But sometimes, as parents, you just have to sit back in amazement as you look at the peculiar concoctions they are throwing down their necks. To honour the unique young taste buds, here are some questionable foods that kids absolutely love: 

1. Everything, all at once

There’s a certain stage where tots end up with a bit of everything on their plate - bizarre soggy concoctions that you never imagined. Lunch may have started with a sophisticated soft cheese sandwich, but after that gets hurled across the room, the beans come out, then the fruit perhaps, closely followed by yoghurt, and crispy snacks etc. Before long all these merge together - the crispy snacks become soggy, the banana slimy, and yet the baby (who is now covered in most of it) loves it.

2. Food with faces

Kids love a gimmick, which is what’s led to all the weirdly shaped food out there. Have you seen the hideous teddy bear shaped ham?! There’s something very, VERY, wrong about that! And don’t get us started on the somewhat maniacal smiling potato faces!

3. Cold, lumpy, porridge

Cooking for kids involves a whole lot of heating things up just to quickly cool them down. Claggy, cold porridge that’s almost solid is somewhat a favourite of young kids. It’s the worst type of porridge. It’s lumpy, tastes of cardboard, and sticks in your throat. WHY?!

4. Questionable sausages

I go to the butcher once a week to get high quality, local meat, including sausages for the kids. My daughter, however, now refuses to eat them because they’re “not the right ones”. To get to the bottom of this, we ran a Sausage Taste Test, buying several varieties, both frozen and fresh, and guess what? The cheapest, frozen variety - the most questionable sausages with the least actual meat content and absolutely no texture or flavour at all - came out as the clear winner. Great.

5.  Butter chunks

Kids always steal from the butter dish when you’re not looking. They grab massive chunks of greasy, rich butter and chew it around and around, before licking their lips and going back for more.

6. The most basic of pizzas

Given the choice, kids go straight for the supermarket own-brand pizza each and every time. The soft, thick dough with minimal tomato and cheese is so basic that it barely passes as a pizza. But it’s their most favourite food – especially when partnered with a bowl of spaghetti hoops to dip the pizza in. Yuck.

7. Tomato Sauce on EVERYTHING

It’s a phase all kids go through. Point blank refusing to touch anything on the plate until it’s completely smothered with large, cold dollops of slimy tomato ketchup. Don’t be surprised if they ask for a ketchup sandwich. Nothing else. Just ketchup, on bread.

8. Strange cereal habits

Some children mix a whole host of cereals together in the same bowl, from Rice Krispies through to Raisin Wheats. For a parent who wolfs down cereal in seconds to stop it going soggy, it can be baffling. Imagine the different levels and rates of sogginess? *shudder* Then there’s those that eat dry Weetabix… How’s that even possible?

Jo Murricane is a freelance copywriter and blogger, based in Leeds. Read all about her food and lifestyle investigations on her blog,