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Easter craft activities for children

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Making seasonal crafts is a great way to keep fidgety children occupied on rainy afternoons, and Easter provides loads of opportunities for fun craft activities.

You can make decorations to hang up in your house and garden, or Easter cards for friends and family.

Here’s a few examples to get you started …

Salt Dough Easter Eggs

These decorations are easy to make, and they last well too. Make a string of Easter eggs to hang along a wall in your home, or, if the weather is nice, hang them on branches in the garden on Easter weekend.

If you’re having people over for an Easter meal, you could even turn them into place cards by writing (or painting) names on the eggs after you’ve finished decorating them.

Salt Dough Mix Recipe

  • half a cup of salt
  • one cup of flour
  • half a cup of water (you may not need all of it)

Mix the salt and flour together before adding the water and combining to make a soft dough. (Add the water a bit at a time to make sure the dough doesn’t get too wet.)

Salt Dough Easter Eggs

  • Salt Dough Mix
  • Rolling pin
  • An egg shaped biscuit cutter (or a play dough cutter)
  • A drinking straw
  • Greaseproof paper (or a silicon baking mat)
  • Ribbon or string
  • Acrylic paints
  • Glitter and other decorations (optional)
  • Varnish (optional - it gives them a shiny finish)

Roll out your salt dough on a floured surface until it is about 0.5cm thick. Use your shape cutter to cut out your eggs, and then use a straw to cut out a small hole in the top of each one (for the string). Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper, and then carefully place your eggs on it. Set your oven to its lowest temperature, and put the eggs in for 2-3 hours until they’re completely dry, turning once during this time. (Microwaving the salt dough is a lot quicker, but the dough can crack and bubble.)

Once your salt dough eggs have cooled down it’s time to decorate them. I tend to paint them with one colour, and then once this has dried, add patterns to it with a different colour, or glue on decorations, and glitter. Give your children a selection of things to choose from and let them get as creative as they like.

Once the paint and glue is all dry, use a small piece of string to hang up your Salt Dough Easter Eggs around your house or garden.

You could also make salt dough Easter chicks, bunnies, or flowers.

Fingerprint Chicks

  • Yellow paint
  • An old sponge
  • Paper / card
  • A black pen

Pour a small amount of yellow paint onto a slightly damp piece of old sponge, and rub it in so that it gets absorbed (you can use a paint brush or spoon to do this). Doing this turns the sponge into a paint pad. Press a forefinger onto the sponge, and then straight onto a piece of paper or card. Once the paint has dried, draw on eyes, beaks, wings and feet.

Fingerprint chicks are brilliantly simple to do and are perfect for decorating Easter cards. Your children could also add fingerprint bunnies, and flowers.

Fabric Mache Easter Eggs

  • Polystyrene, or plastic eggs (can be found in craft stores)
  • Small strips of fabric
  • PVA glue (watered down - 3 parts PVA, one part water)

Mix the PVA glue and water in a bowl, before adding your strips of fabric to it. Make sure the fabric gets fully covered with the mix. Take your egg and layer the pieces of fabric onto it, until the egg is fully covered. Leave it to dry on a piece of cling film, or a silicon mat, turning now and then to make sure all sides dry out fully.

You can place the eggs in a bowl as a table decoration, or put them on sticks and add them to plant pots etc.

Children love trying out new craft ideas and Easter gives them a chance to explore a whole new theme. Giving your little ones a chance to get messy and enjoy new crafts is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon, and they’ll love showing off their creations to friends and family throughout Easter.

Jo Murricane is a copywriter and blogger. She has two young children that she keeps busy with plenty of craft and food activities at their home in Leeds. Read all about her food and lifestyle investigations on her blog,


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