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Creating the perfect spookfest this Halloween


It’s the spookiest time of the year!

As we hurtle through October, it can only mean Halloween is just around the corner. To celebrate this scariest of days, throwing a party for your friends and family can be the perfect way to have a bit of fiendish fun with a few petrifying, terrifying and monstrous tricks and treats.

From getting the right decorations to choosing the best tunes, we’ve offered our top tips on how to throw your very own Halloween spookfest!

Deck the halls with ghoulish glam

To host a party that really gives off those scary vibes, you need to get your Halloween decorations looking on point. Long gone are the days where a carved pumpkin would suffice!

A rule of thumb for your decorations should be the scarier, the better. Think fake blood fountains, decapitated head punch bowls, floating dresses and masses upon masses of fake cobwebs. Set up your own potion bar to create some cackling concoctions too.

This guide from Trom Trom Select, offers 13 (of course it would be 13, the spookiest number of them all) Halloween party decorations you can make at home without any hassle!

Wall mural creator Wallsauce has brought out a super-spooky range of murals to mark Halloween, which can be easily put up and taken down. These are a great idea to help transform your home from cosy and chic to ghastly and gruesome for one night only.


Nailing the fancy dress

Remember when you were younger, and your Halloween costume consisted of a plastic witch’s hat and a black bin liner as a cape? Or those fake plastic vampire’s teeth you couldn’t even talk when you wore them?! Leave those delightful costumes in the 80s and 90s and up your fancy dress game to put on a real show!

The creepiest clown of them all, Pennywise from the hit film and book IT is a great costume for Halloween 2019, or for a team effort, try the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. The latest carnation of the Joker will also go down a treat.

In need of inspiration? Here’s 50 top Halloween fancy dress costumes you could try out to freak out your guests, or if you’re looking to set a terrifying theme for your event!

Tunes worthy of the Transylvania Twist!

A huge aspect of any party is the music – and your Halloween shindig shouldn’t be any different. But we know what you’ll be thinking: “I can’t think of any other spooky tracks apart from ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson or Boris Pickett’s ‘Monster Mash!”

Well, never fear, Spotify is here! The music streaming service has curated its very own setlist of haunted hits to get all the guys and ghouls at your party on the dancefloor!

Homemade Halloween fun for the Kids

Halloween is a fabulous festival for kids, involving sweets, dressing up and scary treats – some of their favourite things!

Shops at this time of year are full of all sorts of plastic paraphernalia designed to empty you of your pockets just for one scary night. But homemade Halloween can be far more fun, beneficial for the environment and a lot less expensive. Becky Goddard from Family Budgeting has shared a few top tricks and treats for you to try with your kids!

Spider cupcakes

For spider cupcakes simply make or buy plain chocolate cupcakes and place any kind of buttercream on top. Then …

  • Add an Oreo biscuit to make a spider’s body
  • Add teeny tiny marshmallows with a choc chip in the centre to make eyes
  • Add chopped off matchmakers or liquorice sticks to make legs

Leaf ghosts

To make leaf ghosts head on out for a brisk October family nature walk…

  1. Gather up some leaves and lay them out to dry
  2. Create an upside-down triangle shape for your ghosts by folding back the top parts of the leaf and taping them in place until you have the desired shape
  3. Next paint the leaves with white acrylic and leave them to dry
  4. Then simply glue on some googly eyes and you are done

You could string these together if you like to make spooky bunting.

Cobweb pizza

A homemade cobweb pizza makes a lovely spooky snack for the kids on Halloween and is so simple to make!


  • 1 large readymade pizza base
  • 1tbsp pizza sauce
  • ½ tube primula original
  • 5 black olives


  1. Spread tomato pizza sauce over base and bake at 180°C for 10 minutes
  2. Remove from oven and use Primula tube to pipe cobweb pattern on top
  3. Slice black olives and garnish the cobweb with the pieces to look like spiders
  4. Slice and serve


leaf ghosts