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Create this stylish organiser for your bathroom

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Shaving brush, aftershave, cotton wool pads, eyelash curler – so many things but not enough space?

Try creating this space saving bathroom organiser made from upcycled mason jars, perfect for even the smallest of bathrooms.

Here’s how to create a bathroom organiser

What you’ll need

1. Mark out the jars 

Use a ruler to get the centre point. 

What you need: pencil, ruler, wood, jars
The first step is to mark out the position of the jars on the wooden shelf. Position them so that the jars will be equidistant and centred on the shelf. The length of the shelf and number of jars are optional.


2. Drill the holes 

Don't forget to pre-drill! 

What you need: hammer drill, wood drill bit 

Then pre-drill the holes that you have marked on the board using a thin wood drill bit. Next, drill the holes using a rotary hammer drill.



3. Time to fit the hose clips 

Screw the hose clips in place.

What you need: hammer drill, metal drill bit 3mm, screws, hose clips 

Before continuing, pre-drill the hose clips with a thin 3mm metal drill bit. Then fix the clips to the shelf with wood screws in the places you have marked out on the shelf.



4. Adding the finishing touches 

Now to add the jars. 

What you need: hammer drill, jars, screws, wall plugs 

Last but not least, place the jars in the hose clips and tighten. Then fix the finished bathroom organiser to the wall with wall plugs, screws and a rotary hammer drill. Your eyelash curlers, cotton buds and shaving brushes now have a new home.


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