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Comfort food recipes for colder months

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As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, my mind always turns to wintry comfort foods.

Casseroles, stews, hearty soups and roasts – they all are good for the soul. Is there anything more comforting than pottering around with a glass of wine while a stew bubbles on the stove perfuming the house with delicious scent?

There’s a recipe to suit all occasions, budgets and lifestyles too. Soups are a meal in their own right served with some crusty bread. Plus they are easy to cook in large batches and freeze and make the perfect take-to-work lunch.

If you are pressed for time, then the best investment you will ever make is a slow cooker. They are the perfect kitchen gadget to help you get dinner on the table in the middle of a busy week. Most recipes require minimal prep and all you have to do is add the ingredients to your cooker and let them do all the work.

If you have a little more time to spare, devote it to slow cooked dishes for your stove or oven. Sharing them with family and friends is perhaps the epitome of comfort and closeness. Get some inspiration from the amazing recipes below.

1. This delicious beef stew with dumplings from the Crafty Larder is just the meal to warm you up on chilly winter evenings.

2. Stews don’t have to be meaty to be hearty. This creamy three bean stew from Amuse Your Bouche is healthy and packed with goodness.

3. If you have ever tasted traditional New England clam chowder then you will know it is a dish from the gods! Get the recipe at the Petite Cook.

4. This Vietnamese beef stew is wonderfully aromatic with star anise, cinnamon and lemongrass. A true family favourite from Supergolden Bakes.

5. Another Vietnamese recipe with a cult following made vegetarian-friendly by Kellie’s Food to Glow. Her easy vegetarian Pho with rich 30 minute broth is a winter must.

6. Did you know you can make shepherd’s pie in your slow cooker? Get the recipe and lots more crockpot inspiration at the Baking Queen 74.

7. This kale and ale slow cooker stew at Veggie Desserts not only rhymes but is also packed with healthy ingredients.

8. Save this Lamb and leek hotpot by the Greedy Gourmet for a cozy Sunday dinner.

9. This lentil curry from Tin and Thyme is endlessly versatile and has cold killing properties. Perfect for banishing the winter blues.

10. The slow cooker is perfect for making pulled pork. Serve it in buns slider-style or turn it into Mexican mole enchiladas. Get the recipe at Supergolden Bakes.

11. This cheesy pesto dauphinoise from Munchies and Munchkins is worth every sinful calorie-laden bite.

12. Another lamb pot dish by way of Greece - rich and delicious Yiouvetsi with orzo from Foodie Quine.

13. This spiced roast pumpkin soup is all dressed up with garlic croutons, feta and crispy fried sage. Get the recipe at Domestic Gothess.

14. Don’t let the cold weather and dark evenings get you down. A big bowl of Viakalinka’s beef goulash will sort you out.

15. This chickpea and sweet potato stew from Tinned Tomatoes is budget friendly, tummy-filling family fare.

Lucy Parissi is a London-based designer, food photographer, coffee fanatic and cocktail appreciator. She is also the food-obsessed blogger behind Supergolden Bakes.


Spiced roast pumpkin soup