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Christmas party tips

Party food

We all love a Christmas party, don’t we? But when the spotlight is on you to create a brilliant festive event, it can get a little stressful. After all, there’s a lot to consider, and that’s before you’ve even started to think about what food to serve.

Organising food for a party can feel daunting. From someone who has hosted many a Christmas party, below I’ve shared my go-to tips for getting the food right. Whether it’s a small gathering or you’re catering to a cast of thousands, these little pointers will help you on your way:

You can never have too much

When it comes to parties, my philosophy is always too much is better than too little. The last thing you want to discover is that you’ve run out of food or wine early in the proceedings. Sure guestimates can be tough, but I always add on a little more. Think of it as a bonus, as if there’s leftovers, you can eat them the next day. Win.

Serve a welcome cocktail

I always like to serve a welcome cocktail. My favourite is a twist on a bellini. To make this simply add a little peach bitters to some raspberry bellini. Add a teaspoon of the mixture to wine flutes, top with Prosecco et voila, a delicious and easy to make cocktail. This sort of welcome always gets the evening off to a good start and your guests will appreciate the effort. I tend to serve welcome cocktails with olives or spiced nuts.

Keep it simple

I personally don’t believe in spending hours in the kitchen cooking, baking and assembling bitesize food. I’d much rather spend that time getting the house in order, to make it as welcoming as I can for my guests.

Instead, I opt for Christmas party food that’s high on taste but low on effort. This includes cocktail sticks loaded with mozzarella, tomato and a basil leaf, dates wrapped in Parma ham, blinis topped with smoked salmon and cream cheese, and chunks of chorizo glazed with honey and roasted. These are just some examples of the sort of foods I put out at Christmas dinner parties.

Don’t baulk at the thought of convenience

You don’t have to be Superman or Wonderwoman to throw a great Christmas party. If you don’t have time to make anything, convenience is your friend, and at this time of year, supermarkets are loaded with finger food that can be popped in the oven as soon as your guests arrive.

Personally, I think Marks and Spencer do a particularly good job of party food. If your budget has more give in it than your diary, you could do worse than heading to Marks and Spencer and picking up a selection of hot foods and some cold options like hummus and vegetables, falafels and crisps and dips.

Now you have everything you need to have a great Christmas party, with food your guests will love. Have a fantastic time!


Chiara is an editor who likes the simple things in life; a cup of tea by the fire, travel, and spending time with friends and family. She also can’t resist the lure of Scandinavian decor and has a penchant for anything warm and cosy. You can find out more about Chiara and follow her adventures on her blog, Wine and Olives.