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Christmas gift wrapping ideas with a twist

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Everyone wants to give Christmas gifts that are wrapped beautifully, but that doesn’t have to mean boring and run-of-the-mill, or overly fiddly.

Here, we’ve worked with gift wrap guru, Jane Means, who showed us the techniques to make sure your Christmas presents are on point, then we make a few suggestions for some unique gift-wrapping ideas to make them just that little bit extra- so that they really stand out from the crowd. 

The basics

First, measure your paper so that there’s enough to go around your gift, with an overlap of around an inch or two, while the sides aren’t any longer that the box that you’re wrapping. Fold the paper around your gift and line the long edge up with the corner of the box. Make a crease in the paper along the long edge and attach some double-sided tape. Using double-sided tape will just ensure that the finish is neat and crisp. Pull off the film on the double-sided tape and stick it down.

Because we’ve measured the paper so that the edges are no longer than the height of the box, the edges will fold in perfectly. If you have any excess at this point, just trim it off. Fold in the corners and crease the paper. On the edge you’re going to stick down, just create another crease so that you have a neat seam, then secure with more double-sided tape.Repeat on the other side, and you’ll have a perfectly-wrapped box.

Dealing with cylinders

You may have mastered a straightforward cube, but many find cylinders eternally tricky. This is a nice trick for when you’re wrapping something cylindrical, so that it looks just as perfect as your simple box.

Just the same as before – measure your paper so that there is enough to go around, but then have the edges cut so that they don’t measure any more than half the diameter of your cylinder. Once you’ve secured the paper on the central seam, move to the edges, then pleat the paper into the centre, until it’s all folded inwards. Secure your final pleat with some double-sided tape, then do the same with the other side.

The perfect bow

Of course, no paper package is complete unless it’s tied up with string, so always use some ribbon to finish it off.You know the drill: simply wrap your ribbon around the box, make sure it’s central, then tie it in a bow. To make the perfect bow, begin to tie it as you usually would – whether that’s with bunny ears, or a loop around – then just reposition the two ears just before you tighten it. This makes for a really classic bow shape and looks really professional.

Make it different

You may have some nicely-wrapped gifts, but how can you go a bit further? How can we make them stand out from the crowd?

We’ve all seen those gifts embellished with miniature baubles or bows, but what about bringing some live foliage into the mix? Festive foliage like mistletoe, holly or pine can look great, but so can winter leaves, such as eucalyptus. Perfumed plants like lavender or heather give a little extra with a scented kick.

Another thing you could do is bring a little more interest to the gift tag, and what could be more interesting than a biscuit?! Bake some mini biscuits, emboss with your recipient’s initials, wrap with cellophane, then secure with some pretty ribbon for a slightly different way to label your gifts. This one’s nice because the tag becomes a tasty gift in its own right.

Sticking with the theme of embellishments, pompoms are very on-trend. They can also be a fun little Christmas craft for you to do, creating some ‘me time’ during the busy Christmas period. The lucky recipient of your gift could even re-use the pompom, either in their own gift giving, or as a decoration on a mini Christmas tree or wreath for their home.

The main thing when wrapping gifts for your family and friends is to just get creative and do things a little differently. This will make it all the more personal and special to those receiving them. That’s my little twists for your perfect festive wrapping, to make sure your gift giving is truly out of the ordinary.


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