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Choosing the perfect wreath and garland

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For many people, putting up the Christmas decorations is one of the most exciting parts of the whole festive period, as your home is temporarily transformed into a winter wonderland or festive forest.

One of the central aspects of the Christmas decorations – aside from the tree – is a wreath or garland, which can add a vibrant, natural and beautiful dimension to your home.

Dobbies Garden Centres has advice on how to choose the perfect wreath or garland for your home and ensure that it stands out through the entire festive period.

Wonderful wreaths

A finishing flourish to your home’s festive decorations, they’re also a generous gesture for friends, family and passers-by to enjoy. There is a wide range of wreaths to suit all styles and budgets, from traditional spruce branches to glamorous bauble wreaths.

Although it’s traditional to hang them on the front door, they make pretty additions to interior and cupboard doors and even in the garden, where they can be hung on the shed or a wall.

Laid horizontally, they look fantastic with plants or candles inside as a table-top decoration - LED candles work well as there is no fire risk with these.

If you’re feeling creative, you can make your own wreath from foraged greenery or use a wreath-making kit to add a handmade dimension to proceedings.

Homemade wreaths are simple to make and with easy-to-use kits, can be customised to fit in with your Christmas theme. They’re also a great reason to put on your winter woollies and head off outdoors to forage for natural trimmings from the countryside, woods or even your own garden.

Gather seasonal foliage and greenery to form the base of your wreath; if you’ve pruned your Christmas tree into shape, you can use the unwanted clippings. Embellish with berries, flowers, fruit and nuts as well as Christmas trinkets and decorations to add extra sparkle.

To help keep a wreath looking fresh, soak it in a bucket of water, or the sink, for half an hour every week or so. As long as the weather’s cool, it should last for up to a month outdoors.

Gorgeous garlands

You can be just as creative with festive garlands. From simple designs that feature lush strands of greenery or a string of natural decorations like pine cones, to a glamorous combination of ribbons and baubles, they’re easy to make ­– or you can opt for beautiful ready-made ones.

If you’re making your own, a simple idea is to use lengths of ivy and other evergreen foliage twisted together to form a natural rope.

Alternatively, take a length of rope and cover with pieces of evergreen foliage, attaching with florist wire. As with the wreath, use flowers, berries, decorations and ribbon to tie in with your overall theme and add a little Christmas magic.

As well as adding a festive touch to fireplaces and stair bannisters, why not drape a garland around a favourite picture or painting on the wall or use one as a pretty runner for the holiday table, adding lights for extra sparkle?

Whatever type of wreath or garland you opt for this Christmas, always try to add extra oomph to your display to ensure it’s a sight to remember.

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