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Brits have 16 small improvement projects on the go at once!

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Everybody loves to make their home look and feel perfect through taking on a few improvement projects.

But it turns out us Brits love a good ‘small’ project with research revealing that, on average, 60 per cent of us are constantly doing work on our homes. More shockingly, the study found that we have 16 ‘small’ projects on the go at any given time – that means more than 435 million home improvement projects are currently in progress across the UK!

In research undertaken by B&Q, 84 per cent of the 2,000 homeowners polled felt that having a few little projects in progress at once can have a huge impact on how they live in their homes, with space and mess being a cause for concern.

DIY in the kitchen

The room which is said to need the most attention according to 24 per cent of adults is the kitchen, with nearly half of those polled saying it’s the most lived-in room of the house.

Over half of surveyed homeowners said the smells, stains and wear-and-tear of cooking meant that fixtures and fittings became tired in appearance and the décor needed refreshing – 14 per cent said they want an on-trend colour on the kitchen walls. They also felt that taps, sinks and worktops needed replacing when they began to look outdated.

Getting a new oven and dishwasher (one in five people) was high on the list of home improvements, as was re-doing the tiling (one in six people).

Top 10 most needed kitchen upgrades:

1. Refreshing worktops

2. Replacing sinks and taps

3. Updating appliances

4. Changing cupboard doors

5. Re-doing tiling

6. Changing blinds

7. Adding on-trend colours to walls

8. Adding shelving

9. Hanging pictures

10. Re-fitting hinges

Mike Lavers, category manager for Kitchens at B&Q commented: “It’s clear from the research that we’re a nation who loves to make constant improvements to our homes. However, the perception that it costs a lot to make an eye-catching and impactful change is simply not true.

“Take the kitchen for example, nearly a quarter of Brits say it’s the room most in need of updating, yet you needn’t worry if you aren’t in the market for a full-blown renovation.

The pesky odd jobs

It’s those little home improvements that turn a short list into a long one. Taskssuch as re-painting a whole room, hanging pictures, and changing blinds and curtains were all popular amongst the 2,000 homeowners who were surveyed – with many doing the little jobs purely for a dinner party or social gathering!

Other little upgrades needed across the nation’s homes include replacing showers, cracked tiles, door knobs and torn wallpaper.

Top 10 upgrades needed:

1. Re-painting a whole room

2. Touching up the paintwork in a room

3. Replacing carpets / flooring

4. Changing blinds / curtains

5. Applying sealant around tiles

6. Hanging pictures

7. Changing light fixtures

8. Cleaning stained walls

9. Replacing soft furnishings

10. Fixing leaky taps

The reasons why

It seems like our love affair with mini DIY projects is all down to upping our homes value, with almost a third of homeowners saying they undertake tasks to help boost the price of their home.

But it isn’t just about the money, it’s about having pride in our homes too! Over a quarter (26 per cent) would tend to their home if they were hosting for an event or wanted to impress certain people – with friends being those they want to amaze the most.

When asked why some little upgrades are still on the to-do list, 36 per cent cited that they just didn’t have enough time in the day to get the tasks done. An inability to complete the home improvements was another key factor, with 15 per cent saying they didn’t have confidence in their own DIY skills.

But the research found almost half of those polled often feel relieved when they find the time to take on small DIY projects in the home, while 27 per cent are excited to get them done. Two thirds of those polled felt just making a few mini makeovers can help a room feel refreshed, while 32 per cent claimed jobs as little as applying sealant around tiles or hiding television wires can make a room feel like new.

The solution

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