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Brits are relying on ‘house-sitters’ to give them peace of mind when they’re away on holiday

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Brits are relying on ‘house-sitters’ to give them peace of mind when they’re away on holiday, according to a recent study.

Hive, a leader in smart home technology, polled 2,000 UK adults and found that two-thirds are reliant on friends, family and neighbours to keep an eye on their home whilst on their jollies – 35 per cent of respondents admitted they can’t relax unless they know someone is checking up on their home!

Some of the key reasons why Brits turn to house-sitters include needing someone to feed their pets, keep their plants watered and to ensure all their post has been picked up. The biggest anxieties however cover questions such as ‘did I lock up properly?’, ‘did I shut the windows?’ and ‘did I set the house alarm?’.

One-fifth have left for a holiday only to turn back due to worries such as leaving appliances switched on or not locking the front door!

Tom Guy, global product director at Hive, said: “Getting away for the summer holiday is something we all look forward to, but as our research shows, we often jet off wondering if everything is well back home.

“Fearing we have forgotten to switch things off, or worried about unexpected events like a leak, leaves many unable to relax, forcing them to rely on others to check in.”

The research also revealed that 30 per cent would be able to enjoy their holiday more if they could check in on their home remotely, whilst one in three would feel much more at ease if they could rely on a ‘virtual house-sitter’. Almost one-fifth said tech, that alerted them when there are unexpected movements or sounds would help put their minds at ease.

For 21 per cent of those who took part, just having some automated lights was enough to appease their concerns whilst on holiday. But one in 10 said they would feel far more comfortable if they had tech which lets them know if there are any water flow issues, like leaking taps or burst pipes.

But the thought of asking a house-sitter is too much for some, with 40 per cent saying they felt bad for tasking someone to watch their house – and in some cases, they even doubt how good of a job they would do! Participants revealed they had fears around the front door being left unlocked, items getting damaged and house-sitters going through their belongings!

Tom Guy also stated: “Smart home technology gives another option, creating a ‘virtual house-sitter’ who can watch over your home, update you of anything untoward, and allow you to check in as often as you want from afar – giving you that priceless peace of mind.”