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Bloomin’ beautiful: Making your décor stand out with floral features


Spring is the perfect time to bring your house to life with the bright and vibrant colours of flowers and plants.

One of the design trends of the year, incorporating floral features into your living spaces can really add a new dimension to the home, and bring light and colour to any room. Whether it’s a simple potted cactus or a more elaborate falling fern, getting plants into your home will not only brighten the place up, but also help cleanse the air and create a calming ambience.

To bring a floral fusion to your home, Serenata Flowers has put together its top tips on how flowers and plants can be used to help complement your interior décor.

Patterned plants

Decorative foliage has become a hot interior trend to liven up any home, especially leafy shrubberies with patterned leaves. These can be a statement just on their own, adding character to whichever space you’re looking to jazz up.

The snakes plant is a strong choice for this – the contrasting greens in the leaves patterns are gorgeous, plus it doesn’t take a lot of maintenance. Other options include a prayer plant, with beautiful pinks and dark greens, and Chinese evergreen will bring patterned perfection.

Add pops of colour through your plants

Even though grey and rose golds seem to be the trend of the moment, when it comes to choosing your floral arrangements don’t be scared to stray away of from these trends and allow a bit of colour. Be daring and add some pops of colour to make your décor stand out from the crowd.

Choose the zebra plant, a tropical plant with a rich yellow bloom, the Hawaii-native hibiscus for a romantic red in the bedroom or the multi-coloured petals of begonias will work a treat in any room. If you don’t like the colour in the end, don’t worry you can just throw away your flowers once you’re done with them and pick a different floral look.

Potted plants for a more long-term look

If you don’t fancy changing up your floral look every two weeks, how about choosing something a little bit more long-term in potted plants. If you struggle with the maintenance of these plants why not go for something like a cactus, aloe vera or spider plant – all are easily maintained, yet still add variety to your room.

Repurposed and statement vases

Using alternative and upcycled items such as jugs or large tins as vases can add a bit of personality to your arrangement and fit in with your homes overall style. Statement vases from Coates and Warner fit with a modern and contemporary style, or for a vintage touch, use a retro-styled watering can to hold your floral decorations.

If you want to be thrifty why not reuse any jugs or quirky jars big enough to fit your blooms in. This can be inexpensive and really effective to create a quick new vase.


Add different heights to your displays

Having floral displays at different heights of the home can add colour to any dark room. If there’s a high shelf or alcove that looks a bit bare why not add a vase of flowers to freshen it up and infuse some colour.

If you’re putting plants up high, English ivy will give you a lovely free-falling look or choose a tradescantia plant for that more visual effect. To grow from the floor up, the classic bamboo is a staple choice for any home, and the glossy green leaves of a ficus tree will work perfectly.


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