Bi-fold doors can shut out the cold

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External glazed doors are traditionally associated with the summer months when you open up your living area to let sunshine and fresh air in.

However, with the long nights drawing in and colder weather on the way, JELD-WEN’s Charlotte Coleman examines why bi-fold doors are the perfect choice for keeping you cosy in your home this winter.


Energy efficient

By choosing external bi-fold doors, you will increase your home's energy efficiency and save money on your energy bills because you will benefit from double glazing that uses high tech coatings on the inside of the glass and inert gas within the unit, rather than just air. The Low E coating, which is provided as standard, prevents heat from escaping by reflecting it back into the room.


Snug spaces

You can also opt for internal bi-fold doors which are ideal if you are looking for a stylish and flexible way to create a division of space within your home, particularly where space is at a premium. With their innovative concertina folding action, internal bi-fold doors can be used to create solutions for many interior design conundrums. For example, storage space such as a kitchen pantry can be neatly concealed and accessed easily by internal bi-fold doors.


Draught excluder

The design of bi-fold doors, as opposed to traditional sliding doors, means that most configurations come with a single passageway door that is easy to open and close. Just opening a single door leaf, rather than having to pull back the entire sliding door, reduces heat loss and draughts.


A lot of hot air

External bi-fold doors are often placed in the heart of a home, such as the kitchen or family room, where there can be a regular build-up of hot air and steam from cooking. Ventilators at the top of the bi-fold doors let air circulate within the room, allowing stale air out and fresh air in. This helps prevent condensation build-up, without the need to open a window and let heat out.


It’s all in the mind

There’s something very comforting about sitting wrapped up warmly in your favourite chair with a hot drink and watching the wintery world outside. Psychologists have even shown that the perception of warmth can reduce the feeling of physical coldnessand that being warm can improve your general creativity.


Avant Homes has a stunning selection of new properties, many of which include bi-fold doors as standard. These lead out onto the patio and garden area and allow light to flood into your home, whilst keeping you warm.


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