Behind the scenes of our TV commercial

Advert 4a

At Avant Homes we never stand still. We believe in constantly changing, developing new ideas and trying new things, and that’s not only limited to our properties.

When we were creating our new TV advert we knew that we didn’t want to be like other housebuilders, because we’re not. Rather than custom-made sets, we know that our houses speak for themselves, and that’s why we let our properties do the talking.

We offer homes like no other, with a high level of specification that our competition might only offer as upgrades. At Avant Homes, that high quality is standard, and we wanted that to be clear form our new commercial.

No fancy slogans talking about why we’re different, no resting on our laurels, no telling the customer how good we are. Quality speak for itself, and that’s exactly what we wanted our advert to achieve.

We know that family comes first, which is why our homes are built to cater for modern family life, and this is something conveyed in our commercial. Homes are meant to be lived in, and this is why we combine high quality with practicality in every room.

At Avant Homes we want to challenge expectations of what new build homes are like, and this extends to our new commercial. Challenging our convention is about more than saying you will do things differently – it’s putting it into practice, and that’s what we feel we’ve achieved.