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Alternative uses for your spare room


Sometimes when a family moves into a new house, they will be left with a spare bedroom, for a number of reasons.

In some cases a house purchase is a forward-thinking decision, with couples planning on expanding their family ensuring they have an extra room, while sometimes a property just seems so perfect for a family that they will buy it even if it has more bedrooms than they have children.

In both cases, this can leave a scenario where a room is not occupied on a nightly basis, and although this can make a good spare bedroom - even on a temporary basis - there are many other ways in which a spare room can be utilised to add a new dimension to a home.


If you lack the time or desire to travel to a gym every day, creating one in your home can be an excellent way to get fit without even stepping outside.

By investing in weights, a treadmill, a cross trainer or other apparatus, you can create a private space to exercise at your own pace, as we explain in our guide to creating a home gym.


Although the sight of bookcases in the home is less common than a decade ago, due to the popularity of e-readers, many people still have boxes stuffed with literature that never see the light of day yet are too precious to throw away.

Create a happy medium by turning the spare room into a private library – buy some bookcases and arrange your books according to your own tastes, then invest in a comfy chair or sofa in which you can curl up and lose yourself in the pages of a tome the old-fashioned way.


Anyone who has children will be aware of the endless struggle to tidy away toys in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and everywhere else in the house.

Rather than spending hours chasing your tail, why not consider having a dedicated playroom where the children can make as much mess as they like without things being tidied up immediately.

It can even provide a haven for them and their friends to retreat to and play games if you remove any furnishings with sharp edges - just resist the urge to pick up those toys every ten minutes.

Dressing room

If you have more pairs of shoes than you can count or simply want to feel like a Hollywood star, then consider converting your spare bedroom into a dressing room.

Although your fitted wardrobes will likely have more than enough room for all your clothing, any extra items can be stored in the spare room, where you can also buy a dressing table, chair and extravagant mirror to provide solace while getting changed for a night out - or even just on a daily basis.


If you tend to work from home a lot, converting the spare room into a study can provide a place to get your head down and focus on your tasks.

As well as a desk and comfortable chair, consider putting some inspiring artwork on the wall, and even think about installing a small fridge where you can store snacks and drinks to minimise the number of times you have to leave the room and disrupt your rhythm.

Games room

If your spare room is big enough, then consider turning it into a games room, where you can host nights with friends or simply enjoy a game of pool on an evening.

If the room is not big enough for a pool table, then dartboards, table football and games machines all make great additions and prevent you having to take up room in other parts of the house.

Our guide on how to create a games room in your home provides suggestions on what you can do to convert your spare bedroom into the most fun place in the house.


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