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5 ways to celebrate this New Year’s Eve

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The countdown to a new year is always filled with excitement, and the road to 2016 is no different, with resolutions, ambitions and goals all being made for the coming 12 months.

However, for many people December 31st itself can be an anti-climax, with best laid plans going awry and the old adage about peaking too soon coming true.

Here are five ways to make the most of New Year’s Eve 2015 and ensure that 2016 starts in the best way possible.

Stage a dinner party

If you don’t fancy going out for the night, think about having friends and family over to see the clock strike midnight.

Lifestyle blogger Lucy Parissi’s guide on staging a New Year’s Eve dinner party has some great ideas on how to entertain your guests and make the most of the evening.

Come together

If you get on well with the neighbours – or even if you don’t know them – consider hosting a New Year’s Eve street party and inviting other people from your neighbourhood.

This is a particularly effective idea if you live off a main road, as you can set up tables, arrange outdoor lights and even arrange some music, depending on noise levels!

Although it may seem unusual huddling outside at this time of year, it is not long since people around the country were doing the same at bonfires and firework displays, and could help to add a unique and memorable twist to the festivities.

Go away for the night

If you are still stuck for things to do, consider arranging a last-minute getaway to see the clock striking midnight in a different city – although Sydney Harbour Bridge may be a little far away, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, Cardiff’s Calennig and London’s River Thames all offer amazing and free celebrations.

If you don’t mind travelling a little further afield, countries across Europe and the rest of the world each have their own way of seeing in the New Year; ranging from the hustle and bustle of Times Square in New York, to the Northern Lights above Iceland, there is something to suit almost any taste and budget.

Quiet night in

Sometimes it can be good to have a break from the norm, so after a month of Christmas parties, meals, nights out and expenditure, why not have a cosy night in?

It does not have to be like any other night – spice things up with a bottle of champagne or some posh food, and take in some of the New Year fireworks coverage from around the world on the TV.

You will have the added benefit of saving a small fortune on buying food and drink at a bar or restaurant and getting a taxi to and from your destination, and can be certain of enjoying your company, making it a winner all-round.

Combine the above

If you still cannot decide what to do, why not try a combination of the above, with all the elements coming together?

Invite close friends or neighbours round for celebratory food and drinks, but avoid going overboard by keeping things fairly low-key and limiting the guest list.

At the same time, add an international flavour to proceedings by buying in food or drink from around the world, while saving on the hassle of having to travel overseas.

No matter how you decide to celebrate the arrival of 2016, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.