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10 easy yet effective cleaning tips

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Few people enjoy cleaning, let alone have the time to do it, meaning it is very easy to put certain chores off for days or even weeks.

If you struggle to find the time or motivation to clean but do not want to employ a cleaner, consider following these tips and tricks for a sparkling home in no time.

Killer microwave

Have you ever used a cleaning sponge or cloth a few times and then simply thrown it away because it smelled? That smell is bacteria, which can be killed by simply microwaving it for 3 minutes.

Olive oil for wood scratches

Not only does olive oil offer a healthy option when cooking, but it can also add vitality to wooden furniture. Mixing it in equal parts with white vinegar and applying to a cloth can easily remove scratches.

Toys in the washing machine

If you have small children, you will know how their toys can become sticky, dirty and almost unusable in next to no time. Avoid this problem by placing them in a mesh laundry bag in the washing machine.

Socks on the hands

Sometimes it can be tricky to clean certain areas of the house. By putting socks over your hands, you can use your fingers to expertly clean features such as fan blades, blinds and the backs of radiators.

Pet owner tricks

Fed up of pet hair all over the house? Using a window squeegee on your carpet can help to rake up cat and dog hair, while a damp rubber glove can easily scrape pet hair off sofas and other furniture.

Dishwasher and vacuum cleaner combo

Why buy an expensive replacement filter for your vacuum cleaner, when the dishwasher will do? Insert the filter in the cutlery tray, switch on the dishwasher, then allow to dry before replacing in the hoover.

Multi-purpose vinegar

Rather than limiting vinegar to a condiment for your chips, you can pour it on a cloth to clean a variety of household implements, from shower heads and taps, to refrigerator and freezer trays.

Save your bottle tops

After using up sprays in various canisters and bottlers, make sure you keep the lids. They can be placed on things that usually only have screw tops - such as bleach - to make a more efficient cleaning product.

An onion to stop crying

Despairing about marks on your grill pan or oven shelf? Cut an onion in half and use it as a scourer on the writing, to effectively remove bits of food and other debris, with no tears necessary.

When life gives you lemons – clean

Lemons can come in very hand around the home. Cutting one in half and microwaving it easily removes interior stains, while half a lemon can also be used to clean showers, taps and even kitchen knives.

Give an old newspaper new life

Before you take that old newspaper to the recycle bin, first think about how it can be used in the home. Newspaper comes in especially handy for cleaning interior windows, helping to remove streaks easily.

Salt and iron combo

Few things are more annoying than a mark on your iron transferring onto your clothes. Avoid this by pouring salt onto your ironing board and ironing it with the steam option off to eliminate the mark.

Don’t forget your toothbrush

When you replace your toothbrush, keep the old one under the kitchen sink. Not only can it be used to clean the sink itself, but other hard-to-reach places such as toilet rims, grouting and tiling.

Brush away marker stains

Permanent marker can be the bane of many parents’ lives, with surfaces being scrawled with pictures in an instant. However, a combination of toothpaste, a cloth and elbow grease can remove it instantly.

Iron away carpet stains

Red wine, chocolate and coffee stains on the carpet do not have to be the end of the world. Spray window cleaner on the stain, cover with a tea towel and iron the towel for two minutes to soak up the stain.

The perfect blend for cleaning

Cleaning a blender after use can be fiddly and dangerous due to the blade. Instead, squeeze in some washing up liquid, fill with hot water, then switch on the blender. Rinse after use for a quick, easy clean.