The Glaswegian town of East Kilbride, the site of our new houses for sale, has a number of peaceful parks for residents to stroll through on a sunny afternoon. From water parks to playgrounds, artistic retreats to fields where dogs can safely run free – there is something for everyone in East Kilbride. 

Here are 10 of our favorite parks in East Kilbride:

Calderglen Country Park

  • Calderglen Country Park
  • The ideal park if you have little children to keep entertained, Calderglen Country Park is situated by Torrence House and is designed for those looking for adventure. 

    Boasting a children’s zoo and an adventure play area, kids will not run out of things to occupy themselves with.

    For the adults, Calderglen Country Park also features an ornamental garden and a conservatory with the prettiest plants on display. There is also a designated picnic and BBQ area in the park if you feel like making a day of it and several quaint walking trails to choose from if you just fancy a little stroll. 

James Hamilton Heritage Park

  • Another park that’s great for kids, James Hamilton Heritage Park covers all the bases. 

    With a water park, kiddie golf play area and playground on offer, it’s an easy win for any parents out there.

    It also helps that can easily walk across the entire park in about 15 minutes – meaning you can take your kids out for a stroll without worrying about them getting bored or tired. Being a flat walk certainly does not hurt either. 

    For anyone not taking kids, we still encourage you to take a couple of laps around the park as, with magnificent views of the nearby Loch, we have always found it to be good for the soul. 

  • James Hamilton Heritage Park

Town Centre Park

  • Town Centre Park
  • Town Centre Park is not as easy a walk as James Hamilton Heritage Park, being slightly steeper and hillier. However, if your cardio can handle it, we recommend at least attempting to hike up the park’s glorious hill.

    With an incredible view from the top, it is absolutely worth the climb! 

    However, even at a more ground level, Town Centre Park has a few marvels for you to admire with a number of old stone sculptures, originally located at Princes Square, having made their way to the park. 

    Perhaps not as interesting a place for kids as the other parks due to its lack of child-friendly facilities (although there are a few swings on offer), there is something to be said for the calm that comes with strolling around a secluded green open space, situated far away from the hustle and bustle of East Kilbride’s busier roads. 

    The park is also home to a skateboard and BMX ramp if you fancy sharpening up your skills.

War Memorial Park

  • A lovely tribute to East Kilbride’s fallen heroes, the War Memorial Park in East Kilbride is possibly one of the best-maintained parks in East Kilbride and deservingly so. 

    The site of many World War 1 & 2 remembrance events over the years, East Kilbride’s War Memorial Park features some truly beautiful scenery and is worth visiting if only to learn more about the sacrifices these brave people made…lest we forget.

  • War Memorial Park

Glen Esk Urban Greenspace

  • Glen Esk Urban Greenspace Park
  • An artist’s dream, Glen Esk Urban Greenspace Park is one of East Kilbride’s newest parks and is big on encouraging visitors to unleash their creative site. 

    One of the first things you may notice as you walk through the picturesque woodland area are the quirkily painted stones that adorn the pathway – each stone painted by a visitor – one of our favorites was a painting of one of the minions from Despicable Me. 

    Any and every visitor is encouraged to contribute their own ideas to the stone-y path. More than just painted rocks though, the park features some impressive sculptures created by modern artists you’ll undoubtedly find yourself admiring. 

    We are certain you will want to spend your entire afternoon just browsing this creative space and fortunately the park was built on flat ground, making it a less strenuous walk/bike ride. 

    If you are looking for a rush of inspiration, we can’t recommend Glen Esk Urban Greenspace Park enough. 


  • K-Woodlands is the perfect East Kilbride Park for the avid photographer. If you have an eye for nature, visiting K-Woods will feel a bit like Christmas. 

    With a bevy of picturesque spots to choose from and creative, modern sculptures scattered around the park, there is an argument to be made that K-Woodlands is one of the most instagrammable parks in East Kilbride. 

    Without a lot of kid-friendly features, this might not be one for all the family but if you fancy yourself a National Geographic photographer in the making, you could do worse than visiting this idyllic East Kilbride spot.

  • K–Woodlands

Run Free Dog Fields

  • Run Free Dog Fields
  • For dog owners living in East Kilbride, there is perhaps no better park than the Run Free Dog Fields

    As the name of the park implies, dogs are free and safe to run around in this park which is specially designed and spaced out to ensure that dogs can each have their own space, far away from any main roads, where they can be safe from strangers and other dogs.

    It is a particularly good spot to take your dog while you are still training it, ideal for practicing things like recall. 

    Run Free Dog Fields has proven to be a popular spot for owners of rescue dogs who are not socialised yet and are still getting used to seeing strangers and other dogs.

    The park also provides owners with water bowls, dog poo bags and a dog washing hose.

Langlands Moss Local Nature Reserve

  • If you are interested in conservation efforts and want to find out more about how nature reserves operate, Langland Moss Local Natural Reserve is a wonderful park in East Kilbride to visit. 

    The park is built around what is sadly now a rare, raised peat bog. These wetlands are so integral to the region’s biodiversity and projects like this keep them going. 

    More of an educational, walking park than a place to sit on the grass (it can understandably get very muddy) enjoy an afternoon walking across the park’s boardwalk where you will find helpful signs explaining how the bog is being restored. 

    It is a must-visit for any nature-lover.

  • Langlands Moss Local Nature Reserve

Greenhall Park

  • Greenhall Park
  • The site of a former grand estate, Greenhall Park is a tranquil space that runs alongside the beautiful Calder River. 

    Walking down one of the park’s pretty trails is a calming experience with its peaceful ambience making it a popular escape amongst East Kilbride residents looking to mellow out at the weekend. 

    While the park doesn’t have all the features of some of the other parks mentioned on this list, its charm lies in its simplicity. 

Waverley Park

  • Waverley Park, thanks to its flat open space, is an attractive spot for East Kilbride residents looking to work out outdoors. 

    It is not unusual to see yoga mats scattered across the grassy field on a sunny day as residents take advantage of the good weather. You may spot a few picnic blankets too! 

    For outdoorsy types, there’s something for everyone in East Kilbride. 

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  • Waverley Park

by Anuradha Kulkarni - 18 May 22