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Mix up your morning

overnight oats

Whilst a bowl of cereal is always quick and easy, there are loads of new breakfast ideas around right now, so why not give a more exciting option a try?

Summer is a great time to mix things up and have some fun with the first meal of the day. Here are five breakfast recipes that are perfect for August.


This is a versatile breakfast that can be made in many different ways.

Here’s the basic recipe to which you can add your favorite seeds, nuts and fruit:

  • Measure out one portion of oats and then add the same amount of (you can use yoghurt, fruit juice, water or milk etc.).
  • Mix in dried fruit, spices or sweeteners.
  • Cover and leave in the fridge overnight (or for at least three hours).
  • In the morning, stir in fresh fruit or nuts, and eat

I like to mix in cinnamon the night before and then add freshly grated apple in the morning.


The new way to enjoy your eggs is to turn them into clouds. It’s good fun and tasty too, so why not?!

You'll need:

Eggs, separated

Toast, to serve


  • Preheat your oven to 210 and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.
  • Whisk up your egg whites until they’re thick, white and fluffy.
  • You can add in any other ingredients, such as bacon cubes or cheese, at this point.
  • Place the whipped egg whites on the baking tray and shape them into cloud shapes, leaving a dip in the middle for the yolk.
  • Bake for five minutes and then add the yolk to the centre.
  • Return to the oven for another 3 minutes.
  • Remove and serve.


Blueberry pancakes are an American classic that always go down well in this house. Serve them up with crème fraiche or maple syrup. There are many different recipes you could use, but here’s one of the simplest. 

You'll need:

200g self-raising flour

1tsp baking powder

1 egg

300ml milk

Small packet of blueberries

Yoghurt / crème fraiche / maple syrup


  • Mix the dry ingredients together.
  • Whisk the egg and milk together, and then add to the dry ingredients and mix.
  • Stir in half of the blueberries.
  • Heat oil or butter in a large frying pan.
  • Drop a tablespoon of the mixture into the pan for each pancake. You can fit in three or four at a time.
  • Cook until you see small bubbles form on the top, and then flip each pancake over.
  • Cook for a further 2-3 minutes
  • Serve with extra blueberries and yoghurt, crème fraiche or maple syrup.


This is an indulgent, rich breakfast, that’s perfect for lazy Sunday mornings.

You'll need:

4 eggs

150ml milk (or single cream)

25g caster sugar

1/2tsp ground cinnamon

Grating of nutmeg

Day old loaf of brioche, sliced


  • Excluding the brioche, mix all the ingredients in a bowl, then transfer the mixture to a flat pan or pot – something that the brioche slices can lie flat in.
  • Heat a griddle pan (or frying pan) to a medium heat, and melt a knob of butter in it.
  • Place brioche slices in the mixture (one or two at a time) and leave for a minute to soak before turning over.
  • Take the brioche slices out and cook in the pan for a few minutes on each side.
  • Serve with bacon, bananas, or maple syrup etc.


Spice up breakfast time with this Mexican classic.

You'll need:

1 red bell pepper, deseeded and chopped

1/2 red onion, chopped

1 small can black beans, rinsed

1/4tsp chilli flakes

1/4tsp cumin (optional)

4 eggs

1 avocado, diced

Cheese, grated


Salsa (optional)


  • Fry the onion and pepper in some oil until they’re slightly charred and softened (6-8mins). Add the chilli flakes, cumin and black beans and heat through for 3-4 minutes. Put aside.
  • Whisk the eggs and then scramble in melted butter over a medium heat. Put aside.
  • Lay out the tortilla and the layer all the ingredients in the centre of it.
  • Roll up the tortilla, burrito-style, and serve.


Jo Murricane is a freelance copywriter and blogger, based in Leeds. Read all about her food and lifestyle investigations on her blog,