Sustainable interior design tips

As we move towards a greener future, it’s important to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of our day-to-day lives – even our homes! 

Incorporating sustainable design into your home doesn’t have to be dull! With our tips, you’ll have an eco-chic home in no time. 

Indoor plants

Did you know that not only are indoor plants great for the environment, but they are also scientifically proven to improve well-being and overall mood as well as air quality? 

Plants are an amazing way of adding colour to a space and growing fresh herbs can have a practical use in the kitchen as well! 

We love Click and Grows Smart Garden 3. It goes without saying that these sleek and low maintenance automated plant growers would fit perfectly in anyone’s kitchen! 

Energy efficient lighting 

Energy efficient lighting helps lowers carbon emissions as well as your energy bill. Opt for LED lighting where you can – The Hotel Harrogate 2 Light from Dunelm features LED bulbs and is described as “using up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs” and would make a stunning feature light fitting in the kitchen or living area of your home. 

Eco - friendly fabrics

Some fabrics are better for the environment than offers. Materials like polyester are made with fossil fuels, so when picking out blankets, cushion covers of settees it’s best to avoid these.

A throw is an essential in any home, so why not make it eco-friendly? 

Throws can add a depth of warmth and a variation of fabric to a sofa or bed. The Social Super Market stock a range of Taara recycled cotton throws that have a real boho look to them and would complement any space nicely. 

Sustainable furniture

Choosing good quality, timeless and practically designed furniture can help the environment and your bank balance simply because it doesn’t require replacing as often and overconsumption leads to more unwanted waste. 

Modena’s 3 in 1 one cot bed is a great example of sustainable furniture – instead of replacing your child’s bed every time they grow out of it, you can adjust the cot into a single bed and then eventually a sofa bed, making the furniture super long lasting! 

We hope our tips will help you consider more eco-friendly, sustainable design when furnishing your beautiful new Avant home!

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