The benefits of buying a new build home

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If you’re looking for a new home, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Do you buy a secondhand property, one with character, a doer-upper or maybe a new build is your ideal?

Your home says a lot about you and is very much aligned with your personal taste. Whilst older homes or a renovation project may initially sound appealing, they often come with huge repair and refurbishment needs, and costs can quickly spiral. Off putting? We think so too!

By buying a new Avant home, could save you more than £70,000! The Home Builder’s Federation* has calculated that the cost of bringing a three-bedroom semi-detached home up to the standard of a new home would total £73,271.80, meaning by buying new you’ll save money and own a blank canvas to stamp your style on!

Plus, you’ll be the first to make memories in your space too. We take a look at the many other benefits of buying new.

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A blank canvas

Buying a brand-new home gives you the opportunity to style it as you please. As the first person to ever live there, you can make your home whatever you want it to be and really flex those creative muscles!

There’ll be no questionable décor to rip out, or walls to plaster and re-paint so you’ll save time getting things exactly how you want them and get to spend more time on the fun stuff like making your interior reflect your personality.

The latest specification

New build homes are built to much higher specifications than older properties! With the latest heating systems, insulation, and double glazing, your home is built using top notch new technology and materials.

With an Avant home, you’ll get to choose your ideal kitchen from our range of options, allowing you to tweak the spec to suit you. In a secondhand home, the HBF* state that the average second-hand home buyer spends £10,550 on kitchen upgrades alone!

With Avant you’ll receive a brand new kitchen of your choice, with integrated premium Hotpoint appliances.

Likewise, the bathroom is fitted with high-spec, modern sanitaryware that not only looks sleek but is practical too.

Built new, just for you

As we’ve alluded to, with a new home the options and extras you can pick from are extensive.

Depending on your build stage you could get a say in everything from carpets to light switches, and tiles to towel rails, choosing your options is one of the most exciting parts of buying new!

Highly energy efficient

Buying a new build home has many benefits when it comes to saving energy – and money. They are built to the very latest energy efficiency standards meaning you can save thousands on utility bills.

In fact, recent research by the Home Builders Federation (HBF) has revealed that depending on the size of your home, from April 2023 owners of a new build property can save up to a staggering £3,100 a year on their energy bills!

New homes also produce less carbon as they need to use less energy to heat up. It’s believed that a new build house is 55%more energy efficient than an upgraded Victorian home.

Around 84%of new homes have an EPC rating of A-B, while only 4% of existing properties achieved the same rating.

Good insulation, double glazing, airtight windows and additions such as solar panels and heat pumps all contribute to a reduction carbon emissions by 6%. So, if you buy a new build, you’re helping the environment too!

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Multiple ways to buy

If you’ve moved house before, you’ll know how tricky getting stuck in a chain can be! And if that chain collapses you could lose your dream home.

Buying a new build can alleviate some of this stress, as there is no upward chain to contend with.

Most developers will also offer part exchange or moving schemes to help you move quickly and get a good price for your existing home, while managing the downward chain on your behalf.

This is particularly helpful if you are buying off-plan and need to wait serval months for your house to be completed.

What’s more, if you buy an energy efficient new home you may qualify for a ‘green mortgage’ where lenders will offer a better mortgage rate for properties that produce less carbon emissions.

Peace of mind

Older homes come with a lot of risk, but with a new build house you will get a developer warranty and a 10-year NHBC Buildmark warranty that covers structural defects. This means you can be safe in the knowledge that you are covered in the event of any issues.

If you do have any small snagging issues or repairs that are needed upon completion, your developer will fix these free of charge as part of your sale agreement. Win win!

So, if you’re house hunting and considering your options, a new build could be just the answer!

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*HBF Get on with living report February 2023