How to dress your bed

Dressing your bed is all about creating layers of comfort and making it the main focal point of the room. Every bed should look inviting and create a cosy atmosphere. Whether you prefer a relaxed look or something more chic, here’s our bed dressing tips.


Mattress and toppers

A good mattress is key to a good night’s sleep! It is an investment that you won’t regret. From pocket sprung to hybrid or foam, it’s down to personal preference. Memory foam is best for pressure relief, pocket springs are firmer, and hybrid is a blend of the two.

Adding a mattress topper will create a super soft base, adding a layer of cushion and comfort. Giving that feeling of luxury and adding height to your bed. A topper can also extend the life of your mattress and give it a layer of protection. With some even machine washable!


Quality Bedding

Now that you’ve got the perfect base, it’s time to add some quality bedding. From fitted sheets to duvet covers, they are key to transform your bed style.

Bedding comes in all colours and patterns, so it can be hard to know what to choose. If you don’t have a colour scheme in place, go for neutral colours which you can add accents of colour too.

 If you’re looking for that hotel look, invest in a pure cotton high thread count set. Cotton is naturally breathable and smooth against the skin. Linen is also a great option for all seasons. Linen is a dense fabric, but still gives the feel of luxury and comfort. 



Choosing the perfect pillows is vital. But again, it’s down to personal preference depending on how you sleep. For a great night sleep, you need a pillow that helps keep your spine neutral. Back sleepers need a softer pillow, side sleepers need a firm pillow and front sleepers should go for a thin pillow.

If you have a double bed, opt for two pillows each side. One under the bedding and one on top, making sure to fluff them up, sitting them on top of the duvet. And make sure the opening side is facing the outer edge of the bed. Ensuring that your bottom pillowcases match your fitted sheet, and your top pillow matches your duvet. 



Add cushions to your bed to make it look stylish and well-presented. Depending on the width of your bed, adding 3 – 6 cushions is great for eliminating gaps between your pillows. Group cushions together according to their size, with largest at the back and smallest at the front.

Not sure what cushions to go for? Start with a block colour from your colour scheme, then add textures and patterns which complement each another. 


Bedspreads and throws

Bedspreads and throws are great for adding a finishing touch to your bed, as well as giving your bedding a layer of protection. These can be used to add colour and texture to your bed. Or can be customised to the season, in winter with thick chunky knits and faux fur, in summer go for woven or lightweight cotton.

 You can choose to cover the whole bed or have it folded along the bottom. Throws can even be draped creating a relaxed, more-inviting look. 

When dressing your bed attention to detail is key, as well as creating layers. Stick to between 3 and 7 layers including a mattress topper, fitted sheet, top sheet, duvet, bedspreads/throws and of course cushions.

However you choose to style your bed, make it personal to you and it’ll look amazing!