Living In East Kilbride

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East Kilbride holds the distinction of being the first new town in Scotland. New towns were areas developed by the Scottish government after World War 2 to house displaced people.

Being one of Scotland’s younger towns, East Kilbride has benefitted from significant government support in the form of infrastructural and cultural investment making houses for sale in East Kilbride a hot commodity.

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Getting Around in East Kilbride

The main form of public transport within East Kilbride is their bus service – the biggest of which is run by First Glasgow.

The main bus station in the town is situated in the village, just 10 minutes away from the East Kilbride railway station.

With a train service to Glasgow every 30 mins, East Kilbride is an ideal location for commuters. Only 27 mins away from Glasgow by train, it is a short and easy journey for anyone who needs to make the trip.

East Kilbride is also a short drive away from Glasgow and you can get there via either the A727, the A749, or the M77 – the number of available routes helping to mitigate traffic.

Shopping in East Kilbride

The biggest shopping centre in East Kilbride is called EK – better known to the locals as “The Centre”.

Made up of 6 different malls (The Plaza, Princes Mall, Southgate Mall, Princes Square, Centre West, and The Hub), there is a little bit of everything at the shopping centre and is one of the town’s most visited.

Being more than just a shopping complex, it is also a popular hangout amongst locals with “The Centre” being home to an ice rink, a ski trail and a soft play area for the kids.

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A Culinary Melting Pot

One of the perks of living in East Kilbride is the diverse and authentic selection of restaurants to choose from.

What makes some of the restaurants in East Kilbride so special is the uncompromising attitude so many of them have towards providing diners with an authentic experience.

Perhaps this speaks to the openness of East Kilbride residents to other cultures; keen to have their horizons broadened.

For example, restaurants like Wee Gurkha Curry House, which specializes in Nepalese food, only use herbs local to Nepal when preparing their dishes and aim, wherever possible, to minimalize the use of unhealthy fats and salts.

There are also places like Arigo, the Italian restaurant, that go the extra mile in ensuring their diners get that authentic Italian experience – this means foregoing the Bolognese that you could make at home for truly transportive meals that take you to the heart of Italy.

If you do just want a proper Scottish meal though, don’t worry! There are enough traditional Scottish restaurants out there too. The Loupin Stane, for example, offers an all-day Scottish breakfast!

More than just a place for the culinary explorer, East Kilbride is a welcoming place for families with young children.

Places like the Kittoch pub restaurant offer free breakfast for kids between 8am and 12pm, while other places like the Crooked Lum guarantee that each of their kid’s meals are not only delicious but contain 2 of your child’s 5-a-day to help support a balanced diet.

Sports Facilities of an Olympic Standard

One of the benefits of being a new town is having the space to attempt ambitious infrastructural projects.

Perhaps few East Kilbride projects are more impressive than the Dollan Aqua Centre – the home of the first champion-sized pool in Scotland.

Taking inspiration from the grand pools used during the Japanese and Italian Olympic games, the Dollan Aqua Centre is a magnificent facility open to East Kilbride’s locals and is a source of pride for the new town.

If you are a keen swimmer, it is a must-visit.

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Inspiring Creativity

With the aim of inspiring the next generation of Scottish artists, East Kilbride is a town committed to developing its own thriving arts community.

The East Kilbride Arts Centre offers actors and actresses, professional and amateur, an intimate space in which to put on small productions. Musicians are also able to use the space to organise band nights and it is occasionally hired for private functions too.

Or if you want to watch the show rather than be a part of it, the East Kilbride Village Theatre, located in East Kilbride’s old village, hosts several productions by local amateur and professional theatre companies every year. It might just be the inspiration you need to get on that stage yourself!

Taking in East Kilbride’s Rural Culture

More than anything else, East Kilbride is a rural town, and its culture is deeply rooted in the majesty of its forests and the diversity of its wildlife.

A popular park amongst locals and tourists alike is the Calderglen Country Park – the principal greenspace and recreation area in East Kilbride.

With a small zoo, areas for kids to play, a number of local sports clubs (including Golf), pretty walking routes through Calderglen Gorge Forest, and several enchanting waterfalls to admire, Calderglen Country Park is the perfect day out for the nature lover.

You can also find out more about East Kilbride’s rural history by visiting the National Museum of Rural Life where you can be educated about farming practices and the history of the rural industry in Scotland. The East Kilbride Central Library is another place you could easily get lost in if you have a naturally curious mind.

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