The best schools in Newcastle

Home to an impressive number of Ofsted outstanding-rated public and private schools, Newcastle has some of the best schools in the North East. 

Having said that, we’ve put a list together of some of the best schools in Newcastle to help any parents considering a move to Newcastle find the best schools for their kids. 

Best Primary Schools in Newcastle

Byker Primary School

Rated outstanding by Ofsted in 2023, Ofsted’s report credited much of the school’s success to the relentless drive the headteacher and the rest of the teaching staff had when it came to ensuring that every child, regardless of their starting point and their challenges, were encouraged to do their best and achieve an end result they could be proud of.

It is this ‘leave no child behind’ mindset that makes Byker Primary School a model school that others should strive to emulate. They see the diverse backgrounds of their students as the school’s biggest strength rather than its challenge.

It is this culture of warmth and inclusivity that’s helped teach their pupils one of the most elusive things in life, empathy. 

Hadrian Primary School

One of the biggest criticisms of modern education is that children aren’t being taught to think, but they’re being taught to memorise and conform.

Luckily, Hadrian Primary School doesn’t adhere to this model of teaching. 

Hadrian’s mission statement places great emphasis on empowering its students by giving them the confidence to tap into their creative sides and be ok with the fact that everyone learns slightly differently, and that’s ok!

With a great Ofsted track record, having been consistently awarded either Good or Outstanding grades over the last few years, Hadrian Primary School is a place where your child will thrive and truly feel heard.

Hilton Primary Academy

A proud member of the Northern Education Trust, Hilton Primary Academy is a non-selective primary school that caters to children as young as 2 via their specialist pre-school programme.  

With a broad and balanced curriculum – ensuring children are not only well adept at core subjects like Mathematics, English and Computing, but also have an appreciation for the arts – the school produces well rounded pupils that are equipped with everything needed to be a success in whichever field most interests them. 

Their most recent Ofsted assessment, in 2018, saw them awarded an Outstanding grade. 

Westgate Hill Primary Academy

A proudly inclusive school, Westgate Hill prides itself on being a warm and welcoming place to students of all ethnicities, religious beliefs, genders, and financial backgrounds. 

With a strong focus on promoting the core British values of tolerance for the beliefs of others, mutual respect, the rule of law, democracy, and individual liberty, Westgate Hill is a school dedicated to helping guide the next generation of community leaders and innovators who will carry Britain forward. 

Being awarded an Outstanding grade by Ofsted in 2021, the school has only gone from strength to strength over the last few years and doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. 

Benton Park Primary School

First opening its doors in 1952, Benton Park Primary School seeks to build up the confidence in their pupils to not only strive beyond any ceilings they may feel they have, but also proudly acknowledge the things they’re already good at and celebrate their individual strengths. 

Achieving an Outstanding grade during their most recent Ofsted inspection in 2015, it is clear that the pupils at Benton Park Primary School are benefitting from the school’s focus on building up their self esteem and are thriving as a result. 

Best Secondary Schools in Newcastle

Newcastle High School for Girls

A school for girls aged 3-18, the Newcastle High School for Girls (NHSG) prides itself as a place that empowers young women to feel there’s nothing they can’t learn and no barrier they can’t break if they’re driven enough. 

One of the very best private schools Newcastle has to offer, NHSG is featured in the Good School’s Guide. 

Dame Allan’s Senior School

Part of an integrated collection of private schools in Newcastle, Dame Allan’s Senior School is a sixth form college which places an emphasis on helping young adults learn how to manage the stress that comes with this often-daunting next step of their academic lives. 

Having built a supportive environment where students are taught and encouraged, right from the get-go, to adopt essential studying techniques that will help them not only during their sixth form, but in university and beyond. 

With this mindset, it is little wonder that Dame Allan’s students regularly attain outstanding results. Over 83% of the A Levels sat by their students in 2022 were awarded A*-B grades, with over 21% being awarded an A*. 

Gosforth Academy

A secondary school focused on fostering a collaborative environment where students are taught and encouraged to be patient and supportive with one another.

Gosforth Academy understands that the best way to learn is to learn together and this approach is intertwined into everything they do. 

Whether it’s the impressive selection of team sports facilities on offer at the school, the well-equipped music and arts department that encourages students to find creative ways to express themselves, or their dedicated facilities for children with visual impairments – Gosforth Academy has done an excellent job of creating an idyllic learning environment for each and every one of its pupils. 

Rated Good by Ofsted in their most recent 2022 inspection, Gosforth Academy is one of the finest private schools Newcastle has, and one which we highly recommend. 

Sacred Heart Catholic High School

A secondary school for girls aged 11-18, Sacred Heart Catholic High School is a wonderful academic institution with a community built on Christian values of kindness, respect and a sense of social awareness for the world around it. 

The school has a dedicated team of pastoral staff who act as a support system for students and, besides the standard academic fare, girls at the school are also encouraged to get involved in a diverse array of extra-curricular activities including music, dance, drama and sports, and are also given the chance to participate in charitable causes that see them enjoy the unique opportunity of visiting countries like Kenya, Iceland and Morocco. 

A school with a stellar academic track record, it was given a rating of Outstanding by Ofsted during their last in-person inspection in 2013, and is featured in both The Sunday Times Top 250 Schools list (one of only 5 secondary schools from the North East to make the cut) as well as in the Good Schools Guide.

St Mary’s Catholic School

As a catholic school, St Mary’s approach to education is very much inspired by Christ’s teachings, with students encouraged to tap into their God-given abilities and fulfil their potential. 

St Mary’s teaches through both the classroom and the church and the results speak for themselves, with the school consistently achieving Outstanding grades when inspected by Ofsted. Indeed, they have earned an Outstanding assessment 4 times in the last 12 years. 

Although a catholic school, St Mary’s is open to students of all faiths, with the school taking a progressive and tolerant approach towards religious education; keen to help children explore and develop their spiritual life regardless of their beliefs. It is this approach to inclusivity that makes St Mary’s the warm and welcoming place it is, with over 40 countries represented in its diverse pool of students. 

If you’re looking for a great place to raise a young family, Newcastle is a wonderful choice. With the number of outstanding schools in Newcastle, you can be assured that your children will receive the best education possible.

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