The top 10 schools in Chesterfield

There are a number of wonderful schools within a short distance of our new homes in Chesterfield.

We have put a list together of which we think are the best schools in Chesterfield. We appreciate everyone is looking for something different from a school, but we hope our list is helpful.

St Mary's Catholic High School

St Mary’s Catholic High School, is a school that prides itself on creating an environment where all students can flourish. The ethos of the school is to provide a nurturing and supportive atmosphere which helps each individual student to reach their full potential. 

St Mary’s offers a wide range of courses across all levels, from early years through to sixth form. The curriculum covers both academic and vocational subjects as well as providing additional activities such as sports clubs and societies.

Their most up to date examination results (as of December 2022) highlight that 80% of GCSE students achieved 4 or above for English and Maths. A level students saw 48% of students achieve an A or B grade, and a total of 11% got 3 or more A grades. 

Outwood Academy Newbold

Outwood Academy Newbold is an Outwood Grange Academies Trust school located in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. It provides a comprehensive education for students aged 11 to 19 and prepares them for the challenging world beyond.

The school offers a highly engaging curriculum with a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, music and drama, as well as a strong focus on community spirit and supporting students to be the best versions of themselves.

Outwood Academy Newbold is a school that encourages students to reach their potential, nurture creativity and strive for success. It provides an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and respected. 

Their most up to date exam results (as of December 2022) show that their students achieved an A level pass rate of 97.8%, with 43.3% achieving an A* - B grade. 

Parkside Community School

Parkside Community School is a co-educational secondary school that prides itself on getting students ready to face their next steps. Whether that be going onto their next year of education or out into the world of employment.

Parkside offers a range of academic, artistic and athletic opportunities that encourage growth and learning whilst providing a safe environment for all students.

According to Parkside’s latest results (as of December 2022), 39% of their students achieved a grade 5 or above in their GCSE English and Maths results.

Brookfield Community School

Brookfield Community School is a popular school with over 1,100 students. Their mission is to create confident, articulate, resilient and well-qualified young people. They also have a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.

It is a school with a variety of creative opportunities through art, drama, music, sport and more. They encourage students to support one another and also to make a difference in their community.

Brookfield has a great track record when it comes to their results and as of December 2022, 60% of their GCSE students achieved a grade 5 or above in English and Maths, whilst their A level students followed suit with over 50% of students achieving an A*-B grade. 

St Mary’s Catholic Primary

St Mary's Catholic Primary School is a thriving and vibrant place of learning. St Mary’s offers an outstanding environment for children to learn, play and grow. The school is dedicated to providing quality educational opportunities for all its pupils and the whole St Mary’s community works hard to ensure that everyone feels safe, happy and valued.

The curriculum at St Mary's has been designed around the ethos of its Catholic faith with traditional values such as respect, community spirit and care being deeply embedded into every aspect of school life.

Hady Primary School

Hady Primary School is located near the historic centre of town. The school provides pupils with an exciting learning environment that encompasses both traditional and modern teaching methods. 

At Hady, they understand that every child is unique and has different interests and abilities. Their curriculum allows students to explore their individual talents while also gaining an appreciation for the wider issues in society today.

Hady Primary School also offers a nursery. 

Abercrombie Primary School

Abercrombie Primary School offers a broad curriculum covering all areas of the National Curriculum plus additional enrichment activities, such as music and sport.

Abercrombie also offers a nursery option for early years. Here toddlers can learn through play - including having a song of the week to learn - and use of the library, where each child can choose a book to take home for the week.

Abercrombie is a school committed to providing an inclusive environment for pupils from diverse backgrounds, helping them develop into well-rounded and considerate individuals.

Brampton Primary School

Brampton Primary School is a warm and welcoming community of learners that has been serving the children of Brampton for over 50 years! 

Brampton Primary School is dedicated to developing a love of learning within each child, while also fostering strong relationships between home and school. 

Through engaging activities such as music, art and sports lessons, they seek to develop the whole child, nurturing creativity whilst encouraging physical activity.

Spire Junior School

Spire Junior School is open to pupils ages 7-11, focusing not only on academia but developing each student’s and emotional skills too.

With excellent facilities across the site, Spire Junior School provides an inspiring environment for learning and encourages children to be creative and innovative in their approach to education.

Spire Junior also offers students an extensive selection of extra-curricular activities, allowing them to develop their interests beyond the classroom. 

Schools in Chesterfield that Offer Extra Learning Support

Ashgate Croft School

Ashgate Croft School is a school with a total of 142 spaces, they support children with cognitive and physical disabilities. The class sizes are between 6 - 12 pupils, to ensure the best environment for pupils to learn. 

Ashgate Croft offers education within three departments, KS1 & 2, KS3 & 4 and KS5.

Ashgate Croft exists to ensure that every child, regardless of the challenges they face, are able to get the best possible start in life.