The top 10 restaurants in Derby

At Avant Homes, we have some exciting new developments in Derby, and to highlight the area’s cultural prominence, we thought we’d talk about some of the world-class dining experiences to be had in the city.

Renowned for its captivating culinary landscape and vibrant social ambiance, Derby emerges as a hidden gem for gastronomic enthusiasts in the heart of the UK. Boasting an array of dining establishments that mirror the city's rich cultural tapestry, Derby's restaurants have become synonymous with excellence. From quaint local favourites to internationally inspired culinary havens, Derby offers a diverse range of options to cater to every appetite. 

The city has garnered acclaim, with several of its dining establishments earning coveted spots in important culinary guides – including being part of the prestigious Michelin star restaurants in Derby list. 

Without further ado, we present a curated list of the top 10 restaurants in Derby. Come with us on a journey that encapsulates the essence of this dynamic and gastronomically rich locale.


Situated within the historic confines of a 19th-century silk mill's former canteen, Darley’s presents an enchanting dining experience complemented by panoramic views of the local river and its picturesque weir. 

The ambiance exudes a stylish charm, enhanced by captivating décor that seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with the mill's vintage character. For a truly immersive experience, patrons can request a table on the intimate terrace or opt for a window-side seat on the upper level, offering an unparalleled vista. 

A regular on most ‘best restaurants in Derby’ lists, Darley’s culinary offerings are a testament to creativity, with each dish carefully curated and generously portioned to satisfy the discerning palate. The restaurant invites guests to indulge in an exquisite fusion of flavours against the backdrop of its unique historical setting.

When considering Michelin star restaurants in Derby, this one’s the region’s pride and joy.


Tarka is relatively new to the burgeoning society of Derby restaurants, but they’ve carved themselves quite a reputation, nonetheless. This restaurant is simply the vibrant taste of Pakistan, in the beating heart of central Derby – and it’s a worldly dining experience marked by sophistication. 

Tarka’s menu is an extensive offering in authentic South-Asian cuisine. There are Pakistani classics like gosht (lamb or mutton), the flavourful nihari (beef stew), the hearty haleem (a stew featuring barley, meat, and lentils), and the aromatic paya (trotters cooked with spices). Alternatively, discerning diners can delve into the authentic desi karahi selection, featuring chicken, lamb, or fish simmered in a delectable combination of tomato, green chili, coriander, and ginger. 

Embrace a true foodie excursion as Tarka weaves together authenticity and elegance, within Derby’s bustling restaurant scene.

The Viceroy

Hailing from the crème de la crème of India's top hotels and having honed their skills in some of London's most esteemed dining establishments, The Viceroy’s culinary maestros bring a wealth of experience to the table – particularly in the Desi style of Indian cooking. 

The result is nothing short of extraordinary, as each dish reflects a harmonious blend of expertise and passion in spice, promising a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. 

At The Viceroy, traditional home-style Indian cooking fuses with a sophistication gleaned from London's dining scene. This convergence makes for an experience that’s both moreish and luxurious - think stir-fried fish pekoras, kakori seekh kebabs, and a host of piquant curry dishes.

The Little Kitchen

It’s the little kitchen, with the big heart. When seeking places to eat in Derby, this charming establishment is a haven – warmth and cosiness in the form of comfort food. 

Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast fare, or even a unique French délice at lunch or dinner time, The Little Kitchen will give it to you, along with heaps of that aforementioned heart.

What’s more, this little culinary gem is a stone’s throw from our Cotchett Village establishment in Mickleover. Have a look at these gorgeous homes, and become part of the Derby community.

We’ll see you at The Little Kitchen.

Derby Lodge Cafe

The Derby Lodge Café is the envisioning of the quaint country cottage, tucked away into the lush verdure of a peaceful English countryside, made real.

However, the distinctive charm of this lovely cafe not only lies in its quaint aesthetic, but also in the culinary narratives woven into each dish and beverage they do. Think sensory charms like freshly brewed coffee, breakfasts both fried and baked, and pastries in abundance. This café doesn’t have to do much to get many a visit, and then many more after that.

The Derby Lodge Café is also 7 minutes from our Shipley Lakeside development in Heanor. So, on your way to the lodge, come see the gorgeous homes we’re showcasing. 


Like the numeral after which it’s named, Seven just seems to have a certain magic. 

In the illustrious list of Derby restaurants, Seven stands as one of contemporary dining. It’s a chic and refined establishment boasting a modern décor, attentive and knowledgeable service, and a menu that that will address each and every palate.

Seasonal cuisine, daily dining specials, and handcrafted cocktails are all delicious enhancers to an atmosphere that’s sophisticated, but naturally relaxing.

Carnero Lounge

Go on, ask the Derby locals: what are the best restaurants in Derby? We guarantee that the Carnero Lounge will be a mention every time. 

They’ll tell you in no uncertain terms, it’s where the best coffee in Derby is found, and the best atmosphere, and perhaps even the best vegetarian breakfast. 

The Carnero Lounge is a much-adored spot in town with a spectacular menu that includes gluten-free and vegan options, and ranges in choice from brunch options, sandwiches and flatbreads, to burgers, salads, tapas, and a smorgasbord of puddings.

Carnero Lounge is about inclusion, because if it’s hospitality, atmosphere, and delicious food and drink you seek, that’s all included here.

The Greyhound

We couldn’t have a proper top 10 list of restaurants, without a classic pub thrown in the mix. Here it is, The Greyhound in Derby. 

Steeped in 18th-century historical charm, this one is essentially a smokehouse – and not just that, Derby’s original. That means smokehouse flavours that have been perfected over a few hundred years, with locally sourced ingredients, all prepared and cooked on-site. And if it’s a good old pint you need to set off that lovely pub fare, they’ve got you covered there too. With ale racks that have become local legend, you’ll find a selection of real ales, including the Derby Brewing Company’s own brews, along with world beers and craft beers.

The Dining Room

Accompanied by the catchline, ‘classically contemporary’ The Dining Room is a meshing of old-timey sophistication in a culinary experience, with modern fusions of flavour. But what does that mean? It means an imaginative twist on classic British dining, that’s beautifully presented. 

At The Dining Room, the team don’t just offer a meal. They curate an experience through thoughtfully crafted dishes that bring flavour, but also visual and gastronomic elements. All not only to satiate and satisfy through taste, but to delight and impress through the overall experience. 

The best part? It’s all created using the best of local and regional British produce. This is classic British cuisine, with added flair.

The Farmhouse at Mackworth

Derby’s very own answer to the gastro pub, The Farmhouse at Mackworth is a country landmark.

When you step through those hallowed doors, you’re greeted with a tasteful blend of modern elegance and classic homeliness. As for the fare, The Farmhouse serves up a tasty choice of chargrilled steaks, burgers, pies and roasts. But their real pride and joy – and arguably the very reason you should visit as soon as possible – are their exquisite stone-baked, hand-stretched pizzas.

When you visit The Farmhouse at Mackworth, you’ll experience modern country dining, wrapped up in the kind of cosy simplicity that only an 18th-century medieval building can give.

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of fine dining, Derby is unquestionably the culinary destination for you. Visit Derby and discover a vibrant and diverse restaurant scene, with serious culinary talent, and flavours for every palate. And while you’re experiencing the region’s gastronomical gifts, explore some of the developments we have in the area. Your new home could be waiting!