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Eight things you'll know if you're from Yorkshire

Yorkshire Day2

Happy Yorkshire Day!

Yes, that’s right. God’s own county has its very own appreciation day on August 1, celebrating everything this wonderful part of Great Britain has to offer. From tea and the iconic pud, to Sean Bean and Geoffrey Boycott, there’s more to Yorkshire than just flat caps and whippets!

At Avant Homes, we’re proud of all our developments across the county. So to celebrate Yorkshire Day, take a look our list of the things you’re bound to know if you’re from this beltin’ region.

If it isn’t Yorkshire Tea, don’t bother

There must be something in the DNA of all those from Yorkshire, giving them the skillset to decipher the difference between types of tea. Give them anything but a hot cup of Yorkshire tea, they’ll be able to tell in an instant, and will more than likely leave it, describing it as “bloody dirty dishwater”.

You become super Yorkshire around other Yorkshire folk

As hard you as darn well try, as soon as you start speaking to someone who has a slightly thicker accent than your own, you start speaking as if you’re from a rural Yorkshire village in the middle of the Dales. Pronunciation, the use of ‘t’ in particular, goes out the window and any non-Yorkshire bystanders will be stood looking at you in bemusement.

Breakfast, dinner, tea

This isn’t even up for debate. Dinner is what you have at midday, tea is what you have in an evening. People who call it lunch and dinner clearly don’t understand the basic principles of naming mealtimes.

Love for local sporting heritage

Remember when Yorkshire practically single-handedly won all of Team GB’s medals at London 2012? You still can’t move for the celebratory golden post boxes! Yorkshire folk absolutely love getting behind all aspects of the region’s sporting triumphs – from the Tour De Yorkshire, to the Brownlee Brothers and Jessica Ennis-Hill, they’ll line the streets and cheer on the sporting stars.

Homemade Yorkshire puddings

If you try to serve up frozen Yorkshire puddings with a roast dinner, you’ve ruined it. Say no more.

League, not Union

The only rugby that is avidly followed across Yorkshire is rugby league. Leeds Rhinos, Castleford Tigers, Wakefield Wildcats, Bradford Bulls – how cool are the names?! Ask any fan from the county about union and they’ll just tell you it’s a game for southerners.

Wrong’uns on t’other side of Pennines

The War of the Roses may have taken place well over 500 years ago, but people from Yorkshire will still take issue with those wearing the red rose of Lancashire. Nothing is as good on their side of the Pennines when compared to what the likes of Leeds, Sheffield and York have to offer. And the folk aren’t as bright or as nice either – as any true Yorkie will tell you. 

Emmerdale is the only decent soap

What is more endearing than hearing Zac Dingle utter colloquialisms on television almost every night of the week? Okay, the storylines may be a little farfetched for a small Yorkshire village but compared to them southerners on Eastenders or those ‘wrong side of the Pennines’ lot on Corrie, there can only be one winner.

From everyone at Avant, have a great Yorkshire Day! See thee later cocker!