As a responsible business, we have a duty to be a good neighbour. To walk the walk, with integrity and openness, mindful of environmental and community issues. It’s an obligation that extends to our employees, investors, customers, clients and stakeholders alike. It means operating in a responsible way and balancing our strategic business objectives with our commitment to the wider society and a greener future. It's about doing things the right way, when we can, and always looking to do better.

That is the Avant Way.

  • Committed to the environment

    Committed to the environment

    We aim, where possible, to minimise and mitigate our impact on the environment. We have in place robust policies to address issues around ecology, resource use and biodiversity, which see us manage environmental impacts throughout the build development lifecycle. Furthermore, we work actively with suppliers to adopt the most energy efficient design for our houses; covering the construction fabric, equipment and appliances. We also participate in research and development evaluations around energy efficiency.

  • Investing in our future

    Committed to our employees

    Avant’s people are a vital asset in our drive to be the homebuilder of choice in the North. They help us provide excellent homes, improve people’s quality of life and build strong communities.
    In return we nurture our employees, develop their skills, and offer career progression in a culture of inclusion and diversity. We are proud to have been accredited as 'One to Watch' by The Sunday Times 'Best Companies to Work For' engagement benchmarking survey independently taken in 2018.

  • Sustaining communities

    Sustaining communities

    By building homes where people really want to live, and investing in the environment, we help to create long-lasting sustainable communities. This commitment extends to the locations where we build, and the legacy we leave behind. We provide space by having a housing density commitment policy that is well below the industry average. This allows us to provide green and public open spaces on all of our sites, supporting the building of communities.

  • Customer first

    We put our customers at the heart of all we do. From initial enquiry through to reservation, construction, completion, and post occupation customer service; we have expert staff dedicated to deliver best in class customer experiences every time.

    • Five Star Accreditation received from the Home Builder's Federation - The Highest Rated Customer Score
    • Our Build Quality Scores at 90.5% - 5 Star and 4% above NHBC Benchmark (86.5%)
    • Industry-first ‘Active customer experience’ academy course embeds customer service in all tasks
    • Award-winning sales academy ensures our sales staff are experienced and well trained
  • Investing in our future
  • Serving our customers
  • Serving our customers

    We design and build homes to improve our customers’ quality of life. That means meeting high expectations: in the standard of the buildings, in the range of choice, in the sales and after-sale services, and in the whole customer experience.
    We engage with customers and potential customers by:
    •    doing market research and interviews to identify what people really want
    •    inviting and listening to customer feedback, including independent surveys, right through the homebuying process
    •    comparing our homes and services to other companies, and adapting what we offer

  • Good. Better. Different

    Engaging with stakeholders

    We take great pride in involving all of our stakeholders including customers, suppliers and shareholders in the process of creating better homes. We value excellent relationships and continued feedback to support consistent growth and innovation. In order to continuously get better, we must be prepared to engage and improve.

  • President's Award

    Keeping safe and healthy

    Building sustainable communities means doing things properly; by not taking shortcuts, and by looking after the long-term health and safety of our customers and our staff.   
    Our specialist health and safety team check that all our sites follow our strict policies and procedures. Regular workplace inspections, quarterly audits and directors’ visits help maintain the highest standards.

    And it pays off. We have a ‘President’s award’ from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents for being awarded their gold star for 10 consecutive years.   

  • Building quality

    Building quality

    To be the homebuilder of choice in the North we must build high quality, energy efficient homes, to the most up-to-date standards, in places where people want to live.
    We follow the quality-build process of the National Housebuilding Council (NHBC) to ensure quality build standards are adhered to. In addition, we have created the 'Avant Gold Mark Process' (AGM) which means that we are better able to meet our own demanding home-building standards through a series of quality control procedures.

  • An ethical homebuilder

    We are an open, ethical company and a modern, caring employer. Customers can trust the way we work, suppliers and partners can be confident in how we operate, and employees can be sure of fairness and respect. We do not tolerate anti-discrimination of any sort. We have a rock-solid code of ethics including a robust anti-bribery & corruption policy. It commits our employees and our suppliers to carry out business with complete integrity, honesty and transparency.

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  • Anti slavery