Sustainable Governance

We take environmental and social matters very seriously, implementing a robust governance framework to support this throughout Avant and the supply chain. Our sustainable governance structure ensures we deliver on our ESG strategy, and that the right people across the business take ownership of ESG initiatives.

We have integrated our sustainable governance into our overarching corporate governance, with our Chief Financial Officer taking overall responsibility. The Board of Directors are committed to Avant’s sustainability performance leading all our colleagues to act in a way they consider would be most likely to promote the sustainable success of the company for the benefit of its stakeholders.

Our Group department heads and specialists, including Health and Safety, Land and Planning, HR, IT, Customer Services and Marketing provide insight and support to ensure a sustainable approach is adopted across all functions in the business. Alongside this, our Head of Business Processes works with all departments to govern sustainability best practice.

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Our structure

Our sustainable governance structure is shown in the below diagram, with personnel throughout the business taking ownership for ESG initiatives.

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At regional level, Regional Managing Directors hold overall responsibility for implementing ESG requirements across their regions.

In addition, we have committees whose duties support our sustainability strategy. The first is our charity committee which is managed by our Group HR Department and Regional Personal Assistants to ensure that our charitable activities and donations are channelled to charities that our colleagues value.

There is also our ESG committee, which is overseen by our CFO, providing a platform to discuss all ESG related matters with key personnel to drive initiatives throughout the business.

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Corporate structure

We have integrated our sustainable governance into our overarching corporate governance, with our CFO taking overall responsibility.

Our Corporate Area provides useful information on our corporate governance, executive board, management team, department heads and specialists.

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Reports and policies

We have many reports and policies to guide clear and transparent practices in all our activities.

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