Sustainable Governance

We understand the importance of environmental and social related matters, implementing a robust governance framework to support this throughout Avant and the supply chain.

Our Board and Executive level colleagues oversee our ESG committee and ensure that sustainability is integral to all activities throughout the business. Alongside this, our Head of Business Processes works with all departments to govern sustainability best practice.

We also have a wide range of expertise across all disciplines at senior management level to guarantee a holistic approach is adopted. We have a focused and targeted approach to sustainability, ensuring that everyone understands the rationale and how they play a part.

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Our structure

Our sustainable governance structure is shown in the below diagram, with personnel throughout the business taking ownership for ESG initiatives.

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Corporate structure

We have integrated our sustainable governance into our overarching corporate governance, with our CFO taking overall responsibility.

Our Corporate Area provides useful information on our corporate governance, executive board, management team, department heads and specialists.

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Reports and policies

We have many reports and policies to guide clear and transparent practices in all our activities.

View our reports and policies here
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