We have robust processes to ensure that your complaint is investigated locally, by our Regional team, who are best placed to deal with any issues relating to your home or development.

Our business comprises 5 regions, each headed by a Regional Managing Director who reports to our Group Managing Director.

Managing Directors have authority to deal with issues within their region, and as such we believe it is highly unlikely that you will feel the need to escalate an issue beyond the Regional Managing Director.

Nonetheless, our following procedure provides a full outline of the steps available.

If you don't wish to lodge a formal complaint and you simply want to report an issue, please CLICK HERE

STAGE 1 - Regional Head of Customer Services

In the first instance, please address your complaint in writing to the Head of Customer Service below, in the region you purchased your home.  

Please select a development.

STAGE 2 - Regional Managing Director

We anticipate that all formal complaints can be addressed by our Regional Head of Customer Service. However, if you feel your own concerns have not been properly resolved to your reasonable satisfaction, you can refer your complaint in writing to the Regional Managing Director.

All complaints MUST have been through Stage 1 of the complaints process before being escalated to the Regional Managing Director. Failure to do so will result in you being redirected to Stage 1 of the complaints process. The Regional Managing Director will acknowledge all complaints following this process within 24 hours of receipt and aim to respond fully within a further 10 working days. Please select your development from the drop down list below and then click the ‘Send an Email’ button.

Please select a development.

STAGE 3 - Group Managing Director

If you feel that you disagree with the decision of the Regional Managing Director, you may wish to escalate your complaint further to our Group Managing Director.


Provided all previous steps in this process have been taken, your case will be reviewed by the Group Managing Director within a reasonable timeframe (no longer than 20 working days) to ensure that the correct process has been followed and that the previous decisions made by the business are, in their view, fair and reasonable.

All complaints MUST have been through Stage 2 of the complaints process before being escalated to the Group Managing Director. All new complaints will follow this process.

All prior stages must be followed before any escalation of the complaint to the next stage will be accepted. This process is designed to resolve the complaint for you as quickly as practicable, as deviation from the process will inevitably result in the complaint taking longer to resolve.

We regularly review all formal complaints so we may amend our procedures where necessary and continue to improve the service we deliver to all our customers.


Whilst we are confident that following the above process will resolve your complaint, in some instances you may still not be satisfied with the outcome.

If your complaint is relating to the quality of your home or any aspect of its build, you can contact the NHBC, who provide the 10 year Build Mark Warranty on your home and may investigate your complaint under the terms of your Home Warranty Policy.

For contact details for the NHBC – CLICK HERE. For those developments not under warranty by the NHBC, please contact your regional Customer Service Team who will be happy to provide you with details of your developments warranty provider.

Alternatively, you may wish to refer your case to the Independent Dispute Resolution Scheme www.consumercode.co.uk

Your legal rights are not affected by this process.