The Part-Buy, Part-Rent option

What is Home Reach?

Smaller deposit requirements and affordable monthly payments make it easier to buy the Avant home you’ve always wanted. With Home Reach, choose the home you want, buy a share, and pay a low monthly rent on the part you don’t buy.

You decide how much of the home you would like to buy, with shares up to 75% of the purchase price. Whether you buy a larger share of a lower priced home or a smaller share of a larger home, the choice is yours. In the future, you can increase your home ownership share, and reduce your rental payments on the balance.

  • Home Reach
  • The Benefits of Homes Reach


    The deposit required for Home Reach new build homes can be significantly lower than those for equivalent homes purchased with a traditional mortgage. This therefore means that it is a more affordable way to purchase a new home and get onto the housing ladder. 


    Part buy – part rent provides the security of home ownership. Home Reach can support you in buying a new build house that you can permanently call home. 

    Renting can often suit different lifestyles and those who may need to move more frequently however, this also leaves you open to potential increases in rental prices and changes at short notice. 

    Part buy – part rent offers long term security and allows you to better plan your future. 


    Part buy – part rent allows you to have the freedom to sell your share of the property and move on at any time. There are no fixed term contracts meaning that you won’t be tied down by anything that might affect your work or lifestyle. 


    Making home improvements can help to feel settled in a property and allows you to create spaces that reflect your own tastes. Renting a property often restricts your ability to make a house feel like a home.

    With Home Reach, you have the freedom to decorate and transform your chosen property, making your house feel like a home. 


    With part buy – part rent you can increase the share of the Home Reach property you own at any time. This means that you can increase the value that you hold in your Home Reach property without having to move. 

Disclaimer: All schemes are subject to terms and conditions and are available on selected plots and developments. For full terms and conditions, click here.