Garden trends in 2024

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We’re breaking down our latest outdoor trends for 2024, because why should style stop at the front door? As the days become warmer and the nights become shorter, you might be considering updating your garden but feel slightly overwhelmed transforming such a large space – read our blog for the latest style tips and inspiration to achieve the ultimate garden this summer.

Fire pits

You’re not alone if you watch Love Island with serious fire pit envy each summer – fire pits make a great centre piece for a garden and the functionality of them makes them not only stylish but useful as well.

 There are so many different styles of firepits, and we love how there’s truly an option for everyone, no matter the budget. Dunelm stock a mid-range model retailing at £185 that would look great in any garden.


Bar sheds 

Elevate your outdoor parties this summer by bringing the beer garden to your backyard. Converting a shed into your very own bar is all the range at the moment and what better way to make use of an old outhouse/shed.

 If you’re up for some DIY, there’s several online tutorials that guide you through this – but there are options to buy a pre kitted out bar shed too!

Edible gardens


Sustainability is here to stay and we’re seeing more people than ever grow fresh herbs, vegetables and even fruits right from their garden! Whether you’re a seasoned pro gardener or an absolute novice, “edible gardens” have an undeniable charm and taste amazing!

 If you’re short on time – consider planting strawberries and rhubarb as these require the least maintenance. 

Grass lawn alternatives


It might not come as a surprise that people are ditching their default grass lawns in 2024 – people are busier than ever and maintaining the perfect manicured lawn all year round comes at a price. 

 Alternatives don’t just have to be artificial grass; moss lawns are slowly gaining popularity and people are embracing low maintenance and eco-friendly alternatives all the more these days. 

 Moss lawns are already extremely popular in parts of Asia and there’s no denying they can look incredibly eye catching. For more information on how to grow your own moss lawn, follow’s guide.

We hope you’ve found our garden trends for 2024 inspiring, and you now feel ready to create your dream outdoor space this summer! For more design and interior tips head over to our latest blogs here.