Part Exchange to the home you want

With our Part Exchange scheme, if you buy one of our new build homes, we could buy yours in return. Not only will this speed up the whole moving process, but there will be no chains to keep you waiting and no estate agent's fees to pay.

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  • Here's how it works:

    Step 1: You choose your ideal new home

    Step 2: We arrange two professional, independent valuations by estate agents local to your current home (in Scotland, this will be an estate agent and a surveyor).

    Step 3: We make you an offer, usually based on the average of the two valuations

    Step 4: We guarantee to make this offer within seven days subject to access

    Step 5: Once our offer has been accepted, you formally reserve your new home

    Step 6: You further benefit from saving on expensive estate agent's fees

    Step 7: The sale proceeds as normal and you have the confidence of a buyer with no chains to worry about

    Step 8: You move into your new home when it's ready, regardless of whether or not we have sold your old home

    Step 9: We hand over the keys to your new home, you hand over the keys to your existing home

    It really is that simple.

    To view the terms of conditions of the scheme click here. Available on a selected number of developments and plots, please speak to your sales advisor for more information.