Even with plenty of experience under your belt, some people can find interviewing a tricky and stressful experience. With each interview you’re researching new businesses, meeting new teams, and getting asked new questions.

So, to help guide you through your next interview, we’ve enlisted the help of our ever-dependable HR team! Find out a little more about our HR team, including their proudest moments, why they chose to work at Avant Homes, and of course, their top tips to nail your next interview.


Kathryn Galtress

HR Director – Joined 2015

What are you most proud of?

There are so many examples of where I felt proud whilst working at Avant, but the one which stands out must be our response to the pandemic and the way in which we navigated our way through completely unchartered territories. 

We were dealing with a very serious situation which impacted people to varying degrees, facing uncertainty about how the pandemic might impact our industry and understanding new and changing rules and schemes introduced by the government.  Collectively it was a true team effort which made me proud.

Top tip: Great CVs

Showcase and demonstrate your key skills, knowledge, and experience on the first page, so you make a strong first impression. It’s not that recruiters and hiring managers don’t read through CVs, but you want to make the best impression as soon as you can.


Jenny Blackwell

HR Manager - Joined 2017

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of the journey I’ve been on in my four years at Avant. I started as a Temporary HR Assistant and since that point I was made permanent. I then moved into a HR Coordinator role, was promoted to HR Advisor and then most recently I was promoted to HR Manager. During that time the HR operations team went from two people to seven!

The standards at Avant Homes have always been incredibly high, but if you work hard it is very rewarding and I’m a perfect example of the progression opportunities within the business. We have grown organically and because of that we have been able to add fantastic people to the team. We’re continuously evolving as a business and I’m looking forward to seeing our vision for further growth realised and being part of that new journey.

Top Tip: How to build relationships within the workplace

I think it’s important that you always keep in the back of your mind that building relationships is a two-way street. Firstly, you need to know how you communicate, how you like to work, how you work under pressure and how you like to receive information. Then you can learn to adapt your style as necessary depending on who you speak to and what level of interaction you have with that person.

I do also believe that reputation is key, therefore building a good working relationship is based on reliability; this means proving that you are the expert in your field, remaining contactable and to follow through on promises. Finally, always remember – remain professional, no matter what you are still in a workplace.


Katy Cross

Resourcing Partner – Joined 2021

Why did you join Avant Homes?

It sounds cliché, but it was the people. During my interview with Kathryn and Aleasha I felt comfortable and able to be myself. I knew I would be able to join, make an impact and feel valued. We have amazing and talented people at Avant that work hard.  We’re growing and I’m excited to be a part of our future success!

Top Tip: Interviewing

Don’t be afraid to ask how the interview went before you leave. Ask them if they have any reservations about you. If they do, you then have a final opportunity to convince them you’re the one for the job.


Sarah Higgins

Learning and Development Specialist – Joined 2011

What made you choose a career in learning and development?

I enjoy helping people, nurturing, developing, and caring for people. I enjoy the buzz of the light bulb moment – when someone gets it and leaves knowing something that they didn’t know before.

Top Tip: First impressions

Look Smart! Smile, make eye contact and if you say you’re going to do something then do it! Be professional.


Aleasha Hales

Resourcing Manager – Joined 2016

What are you most proud of?

The journey we’ve been on as a business and the quality talent we not only bring into Avant but into the housebuilding industry.

Personally, I’m proud of being part of the ‘All built equal’ diversity campaign, something that’s incredibly important to me as an individual. Being able to showcase Avant as a diverse employer and encourage inclusivity was an extremely proud moment for me.

Top Tip: Starting a career in Housebuilding

Don’t be afraid and take a chance! It’s a great industry and there are a variety of roles on offer with some excellent traineeships available. Housebuilding is now seen as a career rather than just a ‘job’ which is a great accomplishment for the industry.


Eleanor Hale

HR Coordinator – Joined 2018

What does wellbeing mean to you?

Wellbeing to me is about balance. Finding the right balance in all areas of your life can be difficult but I believe it is important for your wellbeing. From having a balanced diet, to a good work-life balance, to a good social life balance. Sometimes it can be difficult working out how you fit in work, hobbies, seeing friends, family and significant others, time to recharge or have self-care AND sleep.

Top Tip: First Impressions

I think the best ways to make a good first impression are to show up early and be eager to get going. Say yes, show that there is no task too small or big for you to have a go at. Give it a go, but if you don’t know the answer or how to do something speak up and say you don’t know how to do this but would like to learn how. Finally, make notes on everything, it shows you are listening and learning, and these will be handy to look back on when you do the task again.


Lucy Froggatt

HR Manager – Joined 2018

Why HR?

We get to work with people at all levels across the business, which means that no two days are the same!

Top Tip: Building relationships within the workplace.

Take the time to get to know people and their working style, be professional and consistent.

Image of Avant Homes HR team laughing

Interested in putting these top tips to the test and becoming a part of the Avant Homes team? Head over to our careers page to see all out current opportunities and vacancies here.

by Avant Homes - 28 Feb 22