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Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions

Q: How many units on the development?
A: 89 including affordable housing

Q: When are the allotments due for handover?
A: First phase June/July 2018. Second phase Spring 2019

Q: When are the showhomes opening?
A: By the end of July

Q: When will the development finish?
A: By the end of 2020

Q: What measures are in place to minimise dust at the development?
A: There is an approved dust action plan, which is approved via planning condition. In addition to this, further measures including dousing with water, additional speed limits on site and daily action plans have been instigated by the management team.

Q: What is happening with regards to boundary treatments?
A: There is a boundary treatment plan which is available on the council website awaiting their approval. For further details, please email [email protected]

Q: How can I apply for an allotment?
A: The allotments are being managed by Developer Eyes, who are a managing agent - [email protected]

Q: What is happening with the boundary with Reynolds Drive?
A: Avant Homes has offered to plant a mature hedge where previous owners had removed from third party land.