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Planning history and profile

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The existing Outline Planning Permission (OPP) for residential development of up to 110 dwellings, also provides for access and associated infrastructure and re-planned and upgraded allotment gardens with all other matters reserved.

A pre-application Design Panel meeting was attended at Nottingham City Council on 14th March 2017 which concluded that the Design Panel are supportive of our proposals.

Based upon the above, a reserved matters application (RMA) was submitted on 2nd May and approved on 29th August 2017

The outline planning permission is subject to 25 conditions and contains a number of pre-commencement and pre-occupation conditions. Site specific conditions relate to the provision and maintenance of allotments and the nature reserve. We have commenced the discharge of the phasing condition and factored the required allotment works into our programme.

The Unilateral Undertaking (Section 106 Agreement) that accompanies the OPP contains financial contributions towards education, sustainable travel, highway improvements and open space which totals £580,466 and has been included within the appraisal together with £58,043 for indexation which covers the period required to make the various financial contributions stated within the agreement.

The provision of on-site Public Open Space (POS) is also a requirement and this is to include Children’s Play Equipment. We are also to provide 164 re-planned and upgraded allotment gardens and an area of woodland and nature reserve to create wildlife habitat.

Development Layout

The open space areas, once completed, will be transferred to a Management Company based upon the agreed Open Space Works Specification and Management Plan. The open spaces are to be transferred to the Management Company prior to 75% of house occupations.

There is a requirement to provide 20% on-site affordable housing provision being a mix of Rented and Shared Ownership tenures, which equates to 18-units being a mixture of, 2 and 3 bedroom houses.