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Avant Perx

If buying your new Avant home wasn’t exciting enough, you can enjoy exclusive access to our customer rewards scheme and enjoy benefits and discounts from a host of retailers in leisure, cosmetics, eating out, electronics, hotels and much more!

  • Available for a full 12 months after completion
  • Monthly updates straight into your inbox
  • Exclusive discounts, 2 for 1s and free trials
  • Famous brands like John Lewis, BMW, Odeon, ASOS, Alton Towers and more
  • Save as much as £2,500 annually!

To enjoy Avant Perx you will need to sign up on the Perx website using your unique access code.

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Perx is a benefit for Avant customers available for 12 months post date of completion. Perx is provided by a third party provider, Perx Rewards, which is not part of Avant Homes. Avant do not share your data with any third parties. Therefore access to Perx is subject to signing up directly on the Avant Perx website and acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined on this site. Avant Homes to not accept any responsibility or liability for services provided by Perx Rewards.


The buying process

The first step toward your ideal new home?

You’ve just made it

By choosing Avant, you’re already heading in the right direction towards owning a new home like no other. Here’s a step-by-step guide through this exciting journey.


Finding the home for you

Whether you know what you're looking for, or you're still looking around, this is the fun bit. To begin exploring all of our homes click here


Reserving your new home

Once you’ve found 'the one', it’s important to reserve it to ensure nobody else makes a move on it. As soon as you give us the go ahead, we’ll take your new home off the market and start the sales process.


Appointing a solicitor

Having the right solicitor is the key to an efficient buying process. Which is why we nominate a solicitor we know you can trust and who is experienced in conveyancing in your chosen area. Your nominated solicitor will take care of all legalities from Local Authority searches, Stamp Duty and Land Registry. The more information you can give to your solicitor about the purchase, the quicker and easier the legal side will be.


Applying for a mortgage

Most people need a mortgage to buy a new home. If you’re not sure how to go about finding one, we can put you in touch with a nominated Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) who will weigh up your options and decide which mortgage is the right one for you. We recommend that you get in touch with the nominated IFA as early as possible, even before you reserve your new home, so that you know how much you can afford. Once you've found the right mortgage, try to get an application agreed in principle. Then, after you've reserved your new home, you can make a formal mortgage application - that new home is almost yours…


Choices, choices

Once you’ve shared the good news that your mortgage has been approved, you can truly start making your new home, your own. With our superior range of interior design options you can get things just the way you want them. Depending on the build stage, you can now begin to select features like kitchen units, the colour and style of your tiles, and even the flooring in certain rooms. Just check with our sales advisor with regard to the available options.


Exchange of contracts

As soon as your solicitor is satisfied with the legal side of things, they’ll ask you to sign a Contract of Sale (alternatively your solicitor can sign on your behalf) and you’ll pay your agreed deposit. Our solicitor and yours will exchange contracts, and it’s time to complete the sale


Welcome home

We'll invite you to a home demonstration, where we'll show you everything you need to know ahead of moving day.  Meanwhile, the full amount for the purchase will transfer to our solicitors, and your solicitor will receive the title deeds from us. Once everything is legally completed, your new home is officially yours. Then all that’s left to do, is move in!

Our Promise

You’re not just a house

We endeavour to provide a first class service in every respect; this includes the procedures and information you’ll need to know at every step of your purchasing journey.

Procedures are in place that will meet every commitment we have made to you
Our expert team understands their responsibilities to you, the customer, and will adhere to the charter at all times
You’ll be provided with the impartial and in-depth information you need to make an informed decision about buying the property
If you have any questions our Sales Team will be on hand to answer them
We will make sure you are aware of any choices and options available to you when you buy
Health & Safety advice will be provided if you visit the development during construction and also about
living in your new home
We will provide accurate and truthful information in all our marketing and advertising material
We ensure that our contract-of-sale terms and conditions are fair and clearly set out
We will make sure that our cancellation policy is made clear to you
Your purchase will be covered by the NHBC Buildmark Warranty. We will provide you with all the information concerning this and any other guarantees and warranties from which you may benefit
Your exchange deposit is protected and we’ll explain how. We recommend that you appoint a professional legal advisor to carry out the formalities of buying the property and to represent your interests
Information about the timing, (our best estimate) of construction, legal completion and handover of the property will be provided. When the completion date is confirmed we will demonstrate your new home to you.
Our after-sales and customer service procedures will be explained to you in detail If there is any cause for complaint regarding any part of the purchasing process we have procedures in place to deal with them. These include warranties and we will cooperate fully with appropriately qualified professional advisors.

Your rights

THE Consumer Code,

To us, treating customers fairly and providing them with honest and reliable information has always been an inherent part of our service. However, not all builders have always been of the same mind set.

Which is why the Consumer Code is a standard of practice that came into force on the 1st April 2010. It sets mandatory requirements that all Home Builders must meet in their marketing and selling of Homes and their after-sales customer service. The Code applies to all Home Buyers and Homes.

The purpose of the Code is to ensure that Home Buyers:

are treated fairly

know what service levels to expect

are given reliable information upon which to make their decisions

know how to access speedy, low-cost dispute resolution arrangements if they are dissatisfied.

The Home Warranty Bodies have agreed to require all their registered builders to adopt and comply with the Code as a condition of their registration. Where a Home Builder is found to be in serious breach of the Code, Home Warranty Bodies can apply a range of sanctions, including removal from the Home Warranty Body’s register and exclusion from all registers run by other Home Warranty Bodies that participate in the Code scheme.

Home Buyers who think they have a dispute because a Home Builder has failed to meet the requirements of the Code may refer their dispute to the independent Dispute Resolution Scheme.  Surveys will be carried out to check how well the Code is working and measure consumer satisfaction. In carrying out the surveys, the relevant sections of the Data Protection Act will be complied with.

To establish how well the Consumer Code is being applied, or whether it needs to be amended or updated, there may also be:

  • random audits;
  • mystery shopping surveys;
  • reviews and assessments of customer satisfaction feedback and complaints;
  • training for Home Builders.

Find out more about the Code

The Consumer Code for Home Builders has its very own website, with detailed information on all aspects of the code.

For more information, download the Consumer Code for Home Builders Scheme here.