• Avant Perx
  • If buying your new Avant home wasn’t exciting enough, you can enjoy exclusive access to our customer rewards scheme and enjoy benefits and discounts from a host of retailers in leisure, cosmetics, eating out, electronics, hotels and much more!

    • Available for a full 12 months after completion
    • Monthly updates straight into your inbox
    • Exclusive discounts, 2 for 1s and free trials
    • Famous brands like John Lewis, BMW, Odeon, ASOS, Alton Towers and more
    • Save as much as £2,500 annually!

    To enjoy Avant Perx you will need to sign up on the Perx website using your unique access code.

    Not taken Avantage yet?


Perx is a benefit for Avant customers available for 12 months post date of completion. Perx is provided by a third party provider, Perx Rewards, which is not part of Avant Homes. Avant do not share your data with any third parties. Therefore access to Perx is subject to signing up directly on the Avant Perx website and acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined on this site. Avant Homes to not accept any responsibility or liability for services provided by Perx Rewards.