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Turning home into the office: Top tips for working from home


Working from home is never as easy as it sounds.

For some, trying to change mentality from going into a place of work every day to setting up shop at home can be difficult, as it merges the line between home life and work life.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve offered our top tips for working from home to help you be productive and ensure your daily to-do list is ticked off.

Keep a morning routine

Without having to commute into the office, it’s easy to let your morning routine slip. Rather than getting up, dressed, having breakfast and leaving the house before 8am, you could find yourself rolling out of the covers at 8:55am to start at 9am.

To make sure you’re staying as productive as possible, keep a similar routine to what you’re used to. This will not only help you stay in the working mindset despite being at home, but it will also help keep your working days and weekends separate – a Saturday lie-in can still be a treat!

And no, we’re not saying you have to pretend you’re standing on the train for your commute in, like some people are doing!

Don’t work in your pyjamas!

As a part of your morning routine, make sure you get dressed for the day. If you’re sitting in the house in your dressing gown and slippers, it’s bound to make working from home that little bit trickier. Putting on ‘work’ clothes in the morning and getting changed at the end of your shift can help distinguish between home life and work life.

Some experts recommend wearing shoes as a top tip for working from home, as it can give the impression that you’ve left the house to go to work. Just make sure not to get mud all over your lusciously plush carpets…

Get your space right

Not everyone has the luxury of having a home office or study, so finding the right place to set up your work-from-home station is key. You need a place that is practical, functional and allows you to be as productive as you can.

If possible, avoid your bedroom and lounge – these are places of creature comforts, so try keep these separate from your working life. Being near a window is key too, as natural light can help boost your productivity. In terms of your furnishings, try work from a flat surface (such as a table or desk), sit on a backed chair for some solid lumber support and using a mouse and keyboard can help prevent you from slouching or hunching over your laptop.

Create a daily to-do list

The main difference of working at home is that there are a lot more distractions at your disposal, and nobody to stop them from getting the better of you! Whilst working remotely, you need to have the concentration and determination to not let yourself get distracted – something a daily to-do list can help with.

At the start of every day, create a battle plan for what you’re going to tackle over your shift. This way, you’ll have a physical representation of what you’ve got to do and can tick off tasks once completed to give you that added sense of achievement! It’s all about getting the right focus to get the job done.  

Keep connected with your colleagues

One of the best tips for working at home is to make sure you’re in regular communication with your fellow colleagues – just because you’re not in the same office, doesn’t mean they don’t exist! All employees are in the same boat, so be sure to keep each other motivated and lift spirits where possible.

The likes of Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business offer free voice and video calls for remote workers and allow for screen sharing and presentations to still take place. And don’t forget, even in 2020, we can still pick up the phone and speak to each other! 


If you’re struggling to be productive out of the office, follow our simple five top tips for working from home to help make the transition that little bit more effortless!