Flower power: Tips for a low-maintenance, high-impact garden with geraniums

by Avant Homes - 27 May 22

Can you barely keep a succulent alive? Or maybe you’ve had to lay one too many pots of herbs to rest after your failed attempts.

Whether it’s because you’re lacking green fingers, or just need a little help, we’re here for you. With a bit of know-how and some tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be able to create a low-maintenance garden and look like a pro in the eyes of your neighbours.

This guide will help to get you started with fool-proof, helpful tips from Pelargonium for Europe on the best flowers to achieve gardening perfection. We’ll give you a hint – it’s all thanks to the humble geranium!


Maximum flower power

A resilient flower with vibrant colours, consider planting geraniums as your new go-to. These blooming beauties are an absolute classic and a great choice for flower beds in sunny locations as well as window boxes, hanging baskets and containers. Thanks to their long flowering period and a variety of colours and shapes, it’s hard to beat this flower choice.

This stunning flower also grows in a variety of scented options. Just imagine the delicious scent of chocolate, apple, peppermint or lemon filling the air, or even the delicate smell of roses without having to care for rose bushes. Well, these plants can do that!

At first glance, scented geraniums seem modest, without showy blossoms. Instead, the scent is all in its leaves, with just a gentle breeze or a soft touch being enough to release its aroma. Hundreds of varieties exist and each one has its own distinctive fragrance signature.

Handily named after the scent they produce, some of the three best-known types of scented geranium are the rose geranium, the peppermint geranium and the lemon geranium.

Image 1 of geraniums


Choosing the right location

If you’re looking to vamp up your garden, or perhaps add some flowers to your patio or balcony, the first thing to do is determine where your garden’s sunny and shaded spots are. In terms of planting geraniums, they thrive in full sun or partial shade. In saying that they will still last through an overcast winter ready for next spring so long as they’re kept frost-free at 5-10°C.

The next thing to think about is how you want to display your new plants. Larger planters are great for creating a fenced effect around your patio. Alternatively, use pots to achieve a floral oasis, dotting them around your patio and garden to compliment green foliage. Using pots and plants gives the added benefit of being able to move them around whenever you like as you change up your outdoor décor.

Image 2 of geraniums


Top planting tips

It’s important to make sure you have the right tools to make light work of planting. Even if you’ve never picked up a tool in your life, you’ll find gardening equipment a cinch to use.

Start off with the basics including gardening gloves, a sturdy hand fork, hand spade, a brush to wipe away any dirt from your tiles or potting table, and a secateur for pruning and cutting off flowers to display in vases. You can find some great starter kits which will give you all the tools you need to get going.

Secondly, as a time-saving tip think about planting in groups rather than individually. Mass production is the magic word! Start by setting up a planting table where you can start the planting process, ready to move to their final location ready to be watered.

Image 3 of geraniums


How to look after your flowers

Being so hardy and largely resistant to plant diseases and pests, plants like Geraniums are so straightforward to care for that even gardening novices can nail the technique.

Known as 'heavy feeders', to keep Geraniums healthy, hardy and producing new flowers over many months will mean they need plenty of nutrients. A good DIY natural geranium fertiliser is coffee grounds, as these contain just the right mix of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen to provide all the nutrients geraniums need for optimal growth.

To ensure an even supply of nutrients, we recommend weekly applications of fertiliser. As the season draws to a close in Sept/Oct, the plants no longer need additional nutrients.

Image of red flowers


There you have it – with the right choice of flower, tools at the ready and a little bit of know-how, you’re now set to create your very own floral paradise!

Pelargonium for Europe is the marketing initiative of the European geranium breeders Dümmen Orange, Elsner PAC, Florensis/P van der Haak Handelskwekerij, Geranien Endisch, Selecta One and Syngenta Flowers. The initiative was founded in 2016 with the aim of promoting and securing long-term geranium sales in Europe. Today, the campaign runs in 22 countries.


by Avant Homes - 27 May 22