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Japandi: The latest crossover style for your home


Japandi style is defined as a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian style rolled into one.

These two styles have always been go-to interior options, but with its focus on minimalism, natural elements and harmonious comfort, it’s no surprise these styles have crossed over.

If you think Japandi interior design might be just what you need to add tranquillity into your home, check out our guide below.

Clutter free

First things first, Japandi is all about minimalist décor, clean lines and open spaces, so make sure to declutter the rooms you’re looking to add the style to. Tidy up your coffee tables and bedside tables, store away blankets and clothes, and keep scatter cushions to a minimum.

Once your home is clutter free, you’re ready to introduce Japandi styling.

Natural materials

The Japandi style is enthused with natural materials throughout, making it an eco-friendly décor. With unfinished wood, bamboo, seagrass, stone and rattan, to name just a few, there are plenty of ways to accessorise your home with natural materials.

Seagrass is an excellent choice when introducing the Japandi style. Repot your beloved house plants into seagrass plant pots like this one from IKEA or pick up baskets to store your soft furnishings and magazines. Plus, add to the clean line style criteria with a seagrass rug that can sit comfortably under your coffee table or sofa.

If you would like to add bigger features of Japandi, try updating your furniture with unfinished wood coffee tables, dining room chairs and sideboards – read our guide on finding the perfect sideboard here.

And, finally the easiest form of adding natural materials into the home – bamboo plants. Perfect for indoor and outdoors, bamboo plants thrive in bathrooms and gardens and with a basket-style plant pot, it will give the ultimate Japandi look.

Muted colours

Choosing the right colour for your décor is a great way to create a Japandi-enthused, harmonious home. The key to choosing the right colour for this style is to think calm, relaxation, tranquillity with minimalist components.

The Dulux Colour of the Year 2020 would be the ideal choice to bring Japandi to life. Inspired by the morning sky, Tranquil Green reflects long-lasting peace while also reflecting the green-living interior style.

If Tranquil Green isn’t for you, why not try Farrow & Ball’s Snow White or Graham & Brown’s Bluebird?

Crisp furnishings

Finish off your Japandi style by leading with Scandinavian designs of warm textures and soft furnishings, while keeping the Japanese elegance in mind.

Choose bedding like this from Dunelm and sofa throws with relaxing blues or calm purples, while also finishing the look with crisp cream pillows and cushions to create a cosy, clean place to relax.


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