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Six top tips to decorate an Insta-worthy Christmas tree


In the age of social media, everybody loves to share a sneak peek of their home décor – and Christmas is no exception to this.

Already this year, there has been more than 23 million photos on Instagram tagged using #ChristmasTree, and as we get nearer to the big day expect that number to keep on growing! But how can you make sure that, when it (inevitably) comes to sharing your own tree, it stands out from the crowd and really make some noise on your Instagram account?

To bring the festivities (and a heap load of likes!) to your social feed, follow our six interior insights on how to decorate an Insta-worthy Christmas tree.

1. An artificial tree with lights helps bring the likes

There’s something extra special about a real Christmas tree, but according to the experts it might not be perfect for sharing on your socials. 

To achieve that Insta-worthy look, opting for an artificial tree which already has the lights attached is the best route to take. This eliminates the risk of rogue wires being spotted around your tree, and ensures the lighting is evenly distributed to bring that subtle glow.

Jane Briggs, a stylist at Alexander James Interiors, believes an artificial tree is best: “Pre-lit fake trees are extremely popular and not only give dramatic effort with minimal effort, but you also don't have to spend time untangling meters of lights.”

2.  A size that suits your space

A huge tree doesn’t guarantee Insta-worthy style. Yes, it might look impressive, but it isn’t the size which has the biggest impact – it’s how you decorate it.

Find a tree that works for your space, rather than forcing the tree you want into a space where it just doesn’t work. A slender, tall tree will enable you to achieve a more opulent festive style, whereas a short, broader tree harks back to a bygone Christmas era. Both are sure-fire winners on your social feed – just remember not to overfill a small space with a huge tree!

3. Go bold with your baubles

Baubles act as the core accent for your Christmas tree, so be sure not to neglect them. Accentuating your tree with trinkets and ornaments which may have sentimental value is always welcomed, but for the style points, your baubles need to exude sophistication and class.

Think the bigger the better for your baubles to achieve an Insta-worthy look. Opting for smaller baubles runs the risk of the decorations blending into the tree itself and not giving you the wow-factor you’re looking to achieve.

4. Odd numbers when it comes to a colour scheme

Pairing two colours together on a traditional Christmas tree may be easy (think royal red and a deep green), but for super-chic style, opting to use colours grouped in odd numbers is the best way to go. Choosing three or five hues for your tree can help create an aesthetic that will be sure to stand out on anyone’s Insta feed!

Subtle pastels often mix well to bring a warming pallet to your tree. Try soft pink, white and a gentle silver to create a décor which isn’t overpowering or will look too brash when captured on camera. For an authentic feel, mix gold with our classic Christmas reds and greens – just be careful to use them sparingly and not make your tree look messy or crowded.

5. Start at the top

When it comes to decorating the tree, it’s always best to start at the top and zig-zag your way down the tree. This will let you see how evenly spread your decorations are, and allow you to make adjustments as you go along to make sure your tree oozes style and sophistication.

Decorating from top to bottom will also give you a good idea of how any baubles and decorations will dangle, which helps when it comes to getting the spacing just right.

6. Adding a touch of nature

Alongside the glitz and glam of your decorations, weaving a few natural sprigs into your Christmas tree can really give it that extra festive pop.

Lead stylist for Dobbies’ Christmas range, Rebecca Stanton, comments: “Decorating your real tree doesn’t need to end at the baubles. Try adding some dried flowers to your tree to give that added layer of nature. You could use dried grasses, heather or eucalyptus to lay on the branches of your tree along with orange slices and cinnamon sticks to bring the smell of Christmas into your home.”


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