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How to decorate a nursery


A new arrival in your home is a life-changing and exciting occasion for any parents-to-be, so having everything just right for when your baby comes home is hugely important.

But making sure your baby’s nursery is a welcoming place where they’ll feel safe and at ease can seem a daunting task. Which room in the house should you use? What colours should you decorate the walls? What sort of cot do you need? There are a million and one questions you could ask, but the fact of the matter is, there is no right or wrong answer on how you should decorate your nursery.

To help you get your nursery ready for your new born, baby retailer Mama & Papas has given its top tips for getting your baby’s bedroom perfectly decorated.

Choosing the right room in your home

The first hurdle to jump – picking a room. Depending on the size of your house, you may have the choice of a few rooms on the front or back of your house, or spread across two floors.

Mamas & Papas sayAlthough it's easy to get carried away with paint swatches and fabric samples, the first step towards designing your perfect nursery is choosing the right room. Ideally, your nursery should be near to your bedroom so you don’t have far to walk at night - no one likes to stagger around blindly to reach the East Wing. The room should be well heated if you live in a cold area, and well ventilated if you live in a hot area. If the room enjoys a lot of natural light, you might want to invest in some blackout curtains so your baby can enjoy uninterrupted sleep (which means you will too!).

Once you've chosen your space, make sure to measure it. If your nursery room is big enough, consider dividing it into two sections: a cosy section for sleeping and a more fun and stimulating section for play.

Décor goals

Once you’ve picked the best room for the job, the next step is getting your décor nailed. This covers everything from choosing the right wallpaper to getting the perfect colour scheme throughout.

Mamas & Papas sayTextiles, wallpapers and decorations are the things that bring your nursery together and make a room feel homely. If chosen well, decor can tie all your other pieces together and complete your nursery.

We recommend choosing your textiles and wallpaper before deciding on a paint colour (though the lads in the DIY store might feel differently when they still can't nail that shade of orange). Finishing touches, like cushions and blankets, can come last as they can be easily matched to everything else.

Getting the perfect light fixtures and fittings

Choosing the right lighting is key to having a welcoming nursery. You need a mix of lights that’ll bring a calming ambience, but also can be practically used when needed.

Mamas & Papas sayYou’ll want to keep the lighting in your nursery soft and gentle. Night lights are a must to help your little one sleep and even more so to help you with those night-time feedings. Lamps don’t just have to be practical, they can be stylish as well. Choose a lamp that accents your decor but is also fun for your little one.


It’s hard to believe that something so small will need to much storage. Think about all the toys, clothes, blankets and books you’ll have in your child’s nursery – not to mention all the presents you’ll get when they are first born! The rule of thumb should be more is best, but you need to be clever with your storage.

Mamas & Papas sayYou’ll need to kit your nursery out with loads of smart storage solutions. Under-cot storage is perfect for baby bedding essentials and uses space that is otherwise wasted. Definitely consider shelving to keep those non-baby-friendly items, like sanitisation products or changing toiletries, out of your little one’s reach. Book cases paired with open bins are perfect for storing soft items like clothing accessories or blankets. When your child gets a bit older, you can take out the open bins and store books and toys instead.”

Added essentials

Once you’ve got the core essentials sorted, you need to look at how you can get the rest of your nursery looking and feeling cosy.

Mamas & Papas sayIt’s so important to use black out curtains for your nursery, not only to help your little one get their all-important shut-eye but also to keep the room cool in hotter weather. Choose a curtain design that ties well with the theme of the nursery. Curtains in a light shade open up the room and make it feel more spacious and calm. 

Rugs are a great way to add some extra personality to your nursery in an otherwise plain space. Choosing the right rug for your nursery depends on the flooring: if you have wood flooring it’s best to opt for a thicker, plush rug to give baby some extra cushioning when sitting and playing, whereas if you have carpets opt for a weave rug to add colour without the extra bulk.

Making sure you’ve got everything in place for your new born coming home will help them settle into your home and nursery, and allow them to grow and flourish in their new living space. 


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