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How to choose the right water feature for your garden

Water feature4

Water features are an excellent way of making a statement and bringing tranquillity to your outdoor space

However, there are a few things to consider in the process of finding the right water feature for you and your garden. Luke Potkin, show manager at The House & Garden Festival,shares his top tips on where to seek out inspiration and the best ways of maximising the impact of your water feature. 

Drawing up a plan

Ahead of choosing a water feature that’s right for you, it’s important to plan ahead to get it right first time. Firstly, you need to know how much space you have to work with.

What is the ground like where you envisage your water feature? Some work best on hilly ground, whilst others work well on flat surfaces. Remember you can always flatten and level the ground where you wish to place your water feature if needed.

It’s essential to check whether there are any permit requirements you may need to abide to. Your local council may require you to get a permit for the water feature you are about to build (depending on how extravagant you are going), so check if you need one and prepare the necessary documents. This is especially important if you are planning on an elaborate water feature that would require plumbing work.  

Get inspired

It’s always a good idea to seek out inspiration wherever possible, especially as there are so many water features to choose from. Be it a garden fountain, bubbling pool or basalt column, you can browse water features online, in store or at consumer shows.

Events such as GROW London are fantastic as you can browse through exhibitors encompassing an array of different garden trends and designs. You’ll also be able to get advice from the experts, not only from the exhibitors on hand, but also the free talks at the event allow you to pick up pearls of wisdom from some of the country’s best gardeners.

Tips on display

Pools and ponds do require regular maintenance. You’ll want the water to be kept clean and clear and algae stoppers are great at keeping your water feature clean. Using plants to help disguise pipework and cables can also be a nice way of maximising the impact of your water feature.

Important things to remember…

Make sure to remember that when deciding on a water feature that, because these are often powered by a pump, you may need access to a power point nearby. If you need to create a new power point, always ensure you have your water feature installed by a qualified electrician. Opting for either a solar or battery-powered water feature that will be less expensive in the long run and more environmentally friendly.  

If you’re likely to have young children around your water feature, consider how best to protect the area and keep it covered – it’s imperative to remember water can be a hazard with depths as little as 500mm. 

About GROW London

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