Hive launches in Avant Homes properties


Hive Active Heating – the new way to control how your home is heated and ensure that your family is kept warm without money being wasted – is launching in all Avant Homes properties.

Every homeowner wants to keep their household bills to a minimum, but at the same time having a warm, welcoming house to come home to or wake up in is integral to happy family life. Hive – the latest innovation in smart energy – helps you to achieve both.

It represents the next step in the evolution of the ‘smart home’ - also dubbed ‘the internet of energy’ - the increasing connection between household appliances that is enabling homeowners to manage every device in their home, not just their computers.

Multiple benefits

Recently, the National Grid predicted that the growth of smart energy will not only help to bring down household fuel bills, but also safeguard the nation’s energy future by preventing blackouts.

Nicola Shaw, the new executive director of the National Grid, said technological advances will play an integral role in reducing the strain on the network in the years ahead, with the biggest factor in the tech revolution being the increasing connectivity between household appliances.

In recent years, white goods and other household appliances have morphed into multi-functional devices that can be communicated with in a number of ways, with manufacturers and suppliers harnessing the power of the internet to achieve this.

These new domestic networks can play a vital role in balancing energy demand and ensure that less strain is placed on the country’s National Grid, but they also increase consumer convenience, and Hive is a perfect illustration of this.

The power of Hive

Equipping your house with a Hive wireless thermostat gives you the power to control your energy use wherever you are through your phone, tablet or laptop.

The Hive Hub plugs into your broadband router, so there is no need to alert your internet supplier, and it also works with your existing energy provider, meaning there is no need to change gas or electricity supplier.

The result is effective oversight of your heating and hot water schedules, wherever you are, meaning you will no longer be heating an empty home or returning to a cold one.

Customers using the Hive thermostat can save up to £150 a year on their energy bills, but the savings do not stop there, as several other products in the Hive family can help to further bring down costs and even increase the security of your home.

The Hive family

The Hive Active Plug enables homeowners to turn appliances on and off at the touch of a button – even when they are hundreds of miles away – while the Hive Active Light allows you to schedule your lights and lamps to turn on and off at certain times of the day and be adjusted as the nights draw in or get lighter.

Meanwhile, the Hive Window Sensor and Hive Door Sensor will instantly alert your phone when a window or door is opened in your home, and the Hive Motion Sensor can tell you when there is unexpected movement in the house.

Remote control

All of this is controlled through the Hive app, which gives you control of heating and hot water, anytime, anywhere.

As well as turning the heating and hot water on and off or up and down, the Boost feature allows you to have a blast of either for up to six hours in anticipation of you getting home from work or getting up in the morning, while you can schedule up to six time slots a day to fit in with your schedule.

Geolocation gives you the ability to receive alerts when you leave or return home, while Multizone Control breaks your home up into sections which can be individually heated according to occupancy and personal preference, creating a truly bespoke heating option.

Other features such as Automatic Frost Protection prevents pipes from freezing during colder months, while Holiday Mode puts Hive to sleep until you are ready to return home.

Hive Active Heating also works with the global IFTTT app, which gives users the chance to connect their thermostat to hundreds of other apps and devices to create a truly connected system.

Hive is the future of home energy and a highly effective way to control your gas, electricity and hot water use to boost convenience, reduce energy wastage and lower your household bills.

Avant Homes is introducing Hive smart energy into all its new homes. To find your ideal new home, visit


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