Get tile inspiration with these top tips from Sarah Beeny


In the age of endless design inspiration when #interiorgoals and so many different beautifully styled rooms are shown on social media, keeping up with modern interior trends can be difficult.

But, fear not, as interiors help is on hand. To help guide you through some of 2019 and 2020’s most prominent design trends and provide stylish options, Topps Tiles has enlisted the help of property and interior design expert, and brand ambassador, Sarah Beeny.

Here, Sarah offers her top tips on the looks (and the tiles!) that you need to know about.

How can you give a trendy, design-orientated edge to a traditional option?

“Building your scheme around a neutral tile will of course help give you a timeless look, but you can always put a twist on this traditional Scandi-styling by using warm whites, tan leathers and monochrome accents. For instance, the Mokara™ White Tile from Topps Tiles, has a subtle stripe providing texture and depth in any space.

“Alternatively, if you want to add an eye-catching edge, why not get experimental with a creative laying style such as herringbone or basket weave.”

How can you use statement tiles and textures to create something unique?

“By opting for a darker colour palette, you can add instant drama to your home and create something truly memorable. Go bold by contrasting different textures, colours and tiles for maximum impact.

“Bold colours, or glossy metallic notes provide elegance with a stylish edge. Don’t be afraid to layer different inky shades together and different surface finishes, such as glass, wood or distressed concrete, as they can all add to the look in a harmonious way.

“Dark green has also been a key trending colour, as its slight shimmer adds a hint of lustre to any kitchen or bathroom.”

How can you bring femininity and style into a modern, industrial look?

“One thing to note is, that the concrete industrial look does not have to mean large format tiles and an overtly masculine style. For instance, the Macrame™ tile comes in a plain or patterned option, so you can mix and match to create a bit of femininity, and put your own touch on the look. 

“Also, be sure to add your own personal touches and greenery to the space through ferns, succulents and other low maintenance plants. This adds an organic feel to the trend, helping to soften the look and make the concrete tiles pop!”

How can you bring in brighter tones to this look?

“For those looking for something a little brighter than the grey concrete tile, then the Tekno™ Bone tile is an ideal solution, as the white tones help to bounce light all around the space.”


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