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What will 2018 bring? It's a question filled with endless possibilities.

Maybe you'll snag that dream job, or finally book that trip abroad you've been planning for years. Whatever's on your bucket list for the year ahead, one things for sure: January will roll around and you'll start to regret scoffing all that festive food.

But hey, don't sweat it. After all, it wouldn't be Christmas without fantastic grub, and you're allowed to let loose once in a while. Still, if you are thinking about going on a health kick now we've waved goodbye to Saint Nick, then you might want to take some of this swanky fitness tech for a spin. Every little helps, right.

Apple Watch Series 3

There are a huge array of dedicated fitness trackers on the market, but the Apple Watch Series 3 could surpass them all. The updated watchOS4 operating system packs a lot of the same features as its competitors. An updated Heart Rate app gives more insights, including measurements during resting, workout, recovery, and walking.

The Series 3 also includes a number of intelligent coaching features like an enhanced Workout app, custom High Intensity Training types, and auto-sets for pool swims.

Combine all of the above with other top-notch features like music streaming, cellular connectivity, a barometric altimeter, and water resistance, and you've got yourself one sumptuous piece of intelligent wristwear.

JBL UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphones

As with most of the gadgets on this list, there's more to the JLB's than meets the eye. Sure, they're a great pair of wireless earbuds, but that's like calling a Rolls Royce 'a pretty good whip.' What makes these cans perfect for fitness fanatics are all the tasty extras. For starters, they sport an integrated heart rate monitor that allows you to track your cardiovascular condition with accurate, vital, and instant data. You can use that info in conjunction with the bundled personal coaching app to turn yourself into a fitness tour-de-force.

As if that wasn't enough, the JLB's also feature sweat proof ergonomic eartips designed to fit most ear shapes, while those who enjoy a lengthy workout will be pleased to hear the battery can churn out beats for up to eight hours. Although to be fair, anyone who's smashing out eight hours of exercise a day probably doesn't need our help choosing fitness tech.

Under Armour Gemini 3 RE smart shoes

There's a good chance you're already rocking a smartwatch, but now it's time to slip on a pair of smart shoes. Smart what now? That's right, the Under Armor Gemini 3's might not look all that special, but the seemingly standard sneakers are actually packed with tracking tech that analyses and stores practically every running metric you can think of. The shoes can even measure your muscle fatigue through a simple jump test that lets you know how hard to push yourself on your next run. Without all that tech the Gemini 3's would be a great pair of sneakers, but with it they become so much more.

Coros Smart Helmet

C'mon, we've already shown you smart shoes. Are you really surprised that smart helmets are a thing? Of course they are! And they're pretty nifty too. As anyone who cycles regularly will know, helmets are a must (unless you like to play Russian roulette with other road users), but they also come with a few minor drawbacks. Namely, they make listening to music an absolute nightmare, and have a habit of becoming entangled with those pesky headphone wires.

It's an uncomfortable concoction, but you should always put safety first, and that's exactly what the Coros does. By harnessing the power of Open-ear Bone Conduction Audio, the helmet lets you listen to music and take phone calls without drowning out any environmental noise (like cars and other cyclists). That means you can get some in-ride entertainment without putting yourself at risk. What's more, the Coros is packaged with a handlebar mounted smart remote for hands-free control, and even features some voice navigation options. If this isn't the most intelligent helmet you've ever laid eyes on, you must be from another planet.

Fitbit Flex 2

If you're someone who's simply looking to get a little bit fitter, rather than revamp your entire lifestyle, then the affordable Fitbit Flex 2 is precisely what you need. While it might not offer as many premium features as full-fledged smartwatches like the Apple Watch or Fitbit Charge, the Flex covers all the basics with aplomb.

The stylish activity tracker keeps count of your steps, distance, calories burned, minutes active, and hourly activity and stationary time, meaning you'll get a pretty comprehensive overview of your fitness habits. It'll also keep tabs on how long and how well you sleep, allowing you to set sleep goals and bedtime reminders to help you form good habits. All of that info gets delivered straight to your smartphone via the Fitbit app, and the Flex 2 will even give you little nudges when you're receiving calls or texts.

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