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Finding the right sofa for your space


Did you know the average sofa sees people watch 7,482 hours of television in its 12-year life span? That’s a total of 312 days, 5,340 films and an unspeakable number of completed boxsets!

So, believe us when we say choosing the right sofa for you and your home is one of the most important (and fun!) purchases when moving to a new house.

Follow our four interior tips on how to pick the right sofa to meet the needs of your living space.

Complement your interior style

One of the most important parts of purchasing a sofa is to make sure it complements your existing and evolving interior style. The material and colour to how well you can style it are all part of the thought process of buying a new sofa.

Before committing,  identify your interior style. Are you an eclectic person with room for a vibrant crushed velvet couch, or are you more contemporary with eyes for plain fabrics with room to style with accessories? Would you prefer a traditional leather sofa that you can make cosy with monochrome blankets and cosy cushions

Shape your living space

The beauty of buying a sofa for your home is that there is one for every space. Fill a smaller alcove or bay window with a stylish two-seater or if you want to make a cosy corner, opt for a chair with matching pouffe.

If your home is a hub of activity, then maybe a chic sofa bed might be for you when accommodating impromptu guests. Easily disguisable with throws and scatter cushions, this sofa from is great for lazy Sunday’s with family films.

If you really want make a statement with your sofa purchase, how about a chaise lounge or a chesterfield to bring some sophistication to your home.


Position is key

The living space is the heart of a home and the key trend is to position your seating towards the television for quality family time with your favourite TV shows and films.

However, if you have a bigger space to play with, then you may opt to do things a little differently. If you like to host game nights with your friends, you may prefer to have a set up with a large table to finish the look.

Or, how about sofas facing each other for the ultimate chill out or reading space?

Measure right to optimise space

Now, we all know when we go sofa shopping, we head straight for the luxurious, curved corner sofas that we pray will squeeze into our living rooms. But the best thing to do is go armed with measurements to hand.

Measure the areas you would like to place your sofa and think about all the necessities for when it arrives:

-        Will it fit through the front door?

-        Do you have enough space to place the sofa in the centre of the room, without losing space to walk around?

-        Is everything accessible with a sofa in that position?

-        Does it have enough seats for everybody?

With the measurements, you will be able to choose the perfect living room combination. Whether that’s an L-shape to surround the television area or a three-seater with a chair in the corner, the right sofa set-up will make binge-watching television even easier.


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