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Why open-plan living is best for bright, spacious living

Open plan living space 4

There was a time, not so long ago, when homes were designed and built with separate living spaces in mind.

But in recent years, people have begun to embrace the idea of open-plan living. What started off as something of a trend has now become almost the norm. An overwhelming 79 per cent people surveyed in a poll conducted by Houzz said they were in favour of open-plan living.

Open, bright and airy multi-purpose spaces which merge kitchen, dining and living areas have become essential for modern living. So, why have attitudes changed over the years and what are the benefits of open-plan living?

The kitchen as the heart of the home

One of the key benefits of open living is that it brings us all into one multi-purpose space combining kitchen, TV and general socialising areas, meaning we can spend more relaxation time in each other’s company.

Old fashioned house plans used to tuck kitchens away at the back of the home, meaning the person doing the cooking used to find themselves cut off from the rest of the household. But, having an open space that merges the kitchen, dining area and a comfy living space means that families can spend more quality time together.

And it pretty much goes without saying that families spending quality time together is incredibly important, as this kind of regular family interaction makes us happier and healthier. In a recent UK Houzz Report, 54 per cent of homeowners said they were making their kitchens more open to other rooms.

The great thing about open-plan living means that this is much easier to do while you’re all at home, as the whole family can be around you while you cook, whether that’s watching TV, doing homework, reading or just relaxing and socialising. It’s also easy to see why it’s an attractive set-up for parents with young children, as it’s far easier to keep an eye on them in a more open space, giving you peace of mind and meaning you don’t have to be in two places at once.

Open living space is also great for entertaining, as you and your guests can gather together and enjoy one space while food or cocktails are being prepared.

Bright, open spaces

Natural light is typically a central feature of almost any open-plan living space, helping the area to feel lighter, airier and more spacious. Interior spaces can now be bathed in natural light from windows in exterior walls.

Humans are conditioned to react to natural light and the sunlight that open-plan living lets in with greater levels of energy, with research showing that natural lighting helps people be happier, healthier, calmer and more productive, helping create a sense of real wellbeing.

And, from a purely aesthetic perspective, open living spaces look and feel great, don’t they? Sleek, sophisticated, airy, and giving off a sense of freedom, they lend a truly aspirational look and feel to any home. Without partition walls, it’s also easy to reconfigure furnishings and accessories to different room layouts, adding greater flexibility.

Our open, light and spacious homes

At Avant Homes, we pride ourselves on giving you more home to begin with. We understand what’s needed for modern day family living, which is why all our new homes are built with open-plan living in mind.

Our homes are designed with fluid communal spaces that offer a seamless transition from the indoors and outdoors, thanks to our bi-fold doors that give you floods of natural light. An open-plan blueprint isn’t confined or divided – it enhances the idea of home living for modern families, and is something we truly believe in.


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